Queens Of The Stone Age Line Up Tour Dates

Queens Of The Stone Age Expand 'Stoner Rock' On LP, Tour

Stoner-rockers supporting new album, new sounds.

Sleater-Kinney Play Nearly All Songs On The Bad One

Trio showcase latest effort while throwing in favorites, covers.

Monkeywrench Preview Songs From Upcoming Album

Reunited punk band — amalgam of Mudhoney, Gas Huffer, Bloodloss and Poison 13 members — plans April release for second LP.

Broken Keyboard Forces Quasi Into New Directions

Pop-rock duo explore variety of sounds on Field Studies, recorded after their beloved Rock-Si-Chord broke.

Quasi Debut Songs From Field Studies At Northwest Shows

Indie-rock duo, featuring Sleater-Kinney's Janet Weiss, a study in contrasts onstage.