So, When Can LGBTQ Couples Start Getting Married?

Today (June 26) the Supreme Court ruled that marriage is a right for all Americans, regardless of gender or sexuality. This ruling means that as of June 26, 2015, all 50 U.S. states MUST recognize all marriages AND issue marriage licenses to ALL couples who want to get married

Watch This LGBTQ Family Find Out Their Moms Can Finally Get Married

Kinsey Morrison is an 18-year-old freshman at Stanford University. Her mothers, Karen and Audrey have been engaged for 20 years, but have been unable to wed due to a ban on gay marriage in their home state of Kentucky.

Here's How To Talk To Your Parents About Caitlyn Jenner

Some parents might be confused about Caitlyn Jenner. Feel free to just post this on their FB feed.

3 Young Women Affected By Gun Violence Share Their Stories With MTV News

This is why they're #WearingOrange today.

Boston Teens Are Voting On How To Spend $1 Million, And This 17-Year-Old Is Making Sure They Get To The Polls

As the first teen to ever hold the position of Change Agent Facilitator at Boston’s Youth Lead the Change program, Mabel Gonzalez Nunez is in charge of helping Boston teens spend $1 million of the city’s money.

6 Reasons Why Demi Lovato Is Right And Everyone Should Go To Therapy

Finding the strength to speak up and ask for help is hard for everyone, and stigma and shame around mental health can often cause people to delay or avoid getting treatment all together. However, study after study, and real person after real person agree that therapy works, and is nothing to be ashamed of.

They Said Yes! Ireland Votes In Favor Of Marriage Equality

On May 23, the luck love of the Irish kicked in when the country voted in favor of marriage equality. According to Leo Varadkar, a Cabinet minister who’s watching the counting of the votes, not a single district has voted majority “no.”

Taylor Swift, Furiosa, And The Truth About Violent Women Being Cool

As cool as it looks to blow stuff up and challenge Selena Gomez's Arsyn to a duel, the true feminist moments in "Mad Max: Fury Road" and "Bad Blood" are the parts where individual strengths were privileged over gender - or when gender was a non-issue all together.

Let's Talk About The Way We Talked About Sansa Stark And Emma Sulkowicz This Week

Yesterday (May 19), we published the article, “Get Ready To Slow Clap — Emma Sulkowicz Carried Her Mattress To Her Columbia University Graduation,” and almost immediately, comments and tweets popped up asking us why we were cheering her on. Many readers pointed out that Columbia had dropped the charges against Sulkowicz’s accused rapist, and claimed that by supporting her art project, we were accusing an innocent person of rape.

Get Ready To Slow Clap -- Emma Sulkowicz Carried Her Mattress To Her Columbia University Graduation

There had been conflicting reports about whether or not Sulkowicz would be allowed to bring the 50lb mattress with her to the ceremony.

President Obama Hits 'Send' On His First Official Tweet

History was made today when President Barack Obama officially sent out his first tweet. It’s unconfirmed if he actually wrote the tweet himself, or how long it took Sasha and Malia to teach him how to use the social media platform, but it seems like he was both ready and excited to get started.

The Director of 'Southern Rights' Explains How Brave Students Made Segregated Proms A Thing Of The Past

The new HBO documentary "Southern Rights" explores racial tension in the South.

Looks Like Beyoncé Has Officially Picked Her 2016 Presidential Nominee

It’s common knowledge that Beyoncé believes girls run the world, so it comes as no surprise that she was seen at a Hillary Clinton fundraiser on Wednesday, May 13.

Was Canceling Her Wedding The Most Important Thing Miley Cyrus Has Ever Done?

Even if she and Liam Hemsworth were very happy together, there’s no way their union could guarantee the concept of personal growth Miley Cyrus has embraced and benefited from as her signature brand.

The Choice To Disclose Her Transgender Status On 'Catfish' Started A Conversation About Real Love

On tonight’s episode of “Catfish,” we meet a young woman named Ari, who has asked Nev and Max to help her solve what is, for some people, a very complicated problem: Disclosing to Jamey, her online love-interest, that she is transgender.

9 Questions About Hillary Clinton Everyone Feels Weird Asking

Hillary Clinton is a lot like Beyonce: She’s been famous since the 90s, is cooler than her husband, and everyone wants to know who the f–k she really is.

Justin Timberlake Is Officially A Dad, And His Kid Has An Awesome Name

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have officially welcomed a healthy baby boy into the world!

11 Ways To Make Your Fur Baby Feel Special On National Pet Day

April 11 is National Pet Day, which means it's the perfect time to squeeze your fur-brothers and sisters and tell them just how much you love them.

In Searching For The Perfect Rape Case, Rolling Stone May Have Revealed The Truth About Sexual Assault Survivors

At this point, what's happened to UVA's 'Jackie' is more than just her alleged assault.

23 Dogs Disguised As Easter Bunnies Because Why The Hell Not?

This Easter, we're giving you the gift of 23 dogs wearing bunny ears.

15 Reasons To Reconsider Rushing A Fraternity

On this week's episode of "Braless," Laci Green asks the question, "should we just get rid of frats?" Laci backs it up by listing off the pretty serious transgressions committed by fraternities over the past year.

5 Ways To Shut It Down If Someone Calls You A Slut

On tonight's episode of "True Life" we met 3 young women who are dealing with an all-too-common problem: Slut-shaming.

Will Joining The Military Help You Land Your Dream Job?

Force Of The Future is a new initiative from the Department Of Defense which highlights the career paths of these special men and women, and asks potential recruits to consider joining the military when planning their careers. According to the Department of Defense, “Building the force of the future requires that we bring in the best technology, the best ideas from industry, and – above all – the best people to defend the nation.”

Amber Rose Is On To Something -- Why The F--k Are Girls Still Calling Each Other Sluts?

Whether it's Khloé Kardashian criticizing Amber Rose's past life as a stripper, or two college buddies joking around about each other's exploits, women still use female sexuality and the concept of being "impure" as an insult they can lob at each other.