Hits And Misses: Selena Gomez Is A ‘Bad Liar,’ Calvin Harris Is ‘Rollin,’ And Bryson Tiller Is Back

Our critical roundtable on the songs and videos of the week

Hits And Misses: Lil Yachty’s ‘Bring It Back,’ Plus Paramore, Haim, And More

Our critical roundtable on the songs and videos of the week

The Rodney King We Never Knew

A new film by Roger Guenveur Smith and Spike Lee illuminates the King we never knew

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Can We Let Lil Yachty Be A Kid?

Is Atlanta’s ‘King of the Teens’ destroying hip-hop or just creating a new playground for his friends and followers?

Americana’s Year Of Reckoning

Can the genre evolve fast enough to catch up to today’s American realities?

Sad13: Sadness Is Her Happiness

A deep dive into the music, books, spells, and places that shaped Sadie Dupuis’s first solo record

Geeked Up: Fighting Against The Flow

Houston hip-hop agitation, the weirdest wedding song ever, and U.K. punk legends exit with a hearty f-you

Geeked Up: Emotions In Motion

Pleading rappers, sex-stained punks, exultant DJs, and the father to Joey Ramone’s style

GEEKED UP: Not-So-Young Heart Runs Free

Rapper-singers on the verge of putting it on, punk-rock ice-cream cones, and Frances Bean eats Instagram.

Geeked Up: The Art Of Not Screwing The Pooch

Processing hip-hop melancholy, discovering a shoulda-been alt-rock gem, and meeting an heir to Bowie’s ethereal spirit.

Geeked Up: Let The Music Use You

FLOTUS flows, Miranda Lambert, Lil Yachty stars in ‘The Virgin Suicides of trap’

Geeked Up: What Fresh Summer Is This?

African beat science, iron-willed R&B, cutting country torch songs, and feisty gospel declarations.

Geeked Up: When You Have To Move Your Feet

Feathery R&B glitch-pop, remixed pop lotharios and political icons, plus an unholy mutation of rap-rock

Geeked Up: Deep In The Crates Of Love

Music can’t erase the pain of tragedies like Orlando, but it helps us keep the faith.

Geeked Up: Soul Brother, Soul Boxer, Soul Man

The best Muhammad Ali–inspired musical tributes from around the globe

Geeked Up: Life’s Fleeting Pleasures

Hip-hop to lighten your grind, seduce you with foreign tongues, and maybe even save your relationship.

Geeked Up: Voices In Our Heads

Olympian feats of Dylanology, EDM Gypsies, acoustic hangover ballads, liberating Norwegian growls, and Prince forever and ever amen

Geeked Up: A Pool Of Mood-Altering Delights

Disco and punk redemption, country beer busts, and a K-pop rap battle

Geeked Up: Prince Is The Teacher

Life lessons from a redeeming scream to a parking-lot all-nighter to guitar solos galore

Geeked Up: Yesterday Is Tomorrow

Transformative rock covers, timeless soulgaze, and an ode to punk’s drag queen mothers

Geeked Up: Music Is The Healer

Enlightening jams from Lil Boosie, Azealia Banks, Kamaiyah and more

Geeked Up: Girl Grouping

Minimal folk, screeching punk, a timeless piano ballad, and a woke-as-hell feminist slapper

Geeked Up: Playground Brawls And Childlike Wonder

On hip-hop absurdity, pop’s political power, K-Pop cowbells, and a podcast rumpus