Kid Rock Credits Being 'Real' And Ignoring iTunes With Success Of 'All Summer Long'

"Whenever everyone's headed in the same direction, I turn around and run the other way," he says.

John Mayer's Heavier Things Pushes Duff Down On Chart

Singer/songwriter moves more than 316,000 copies of his second LP its first week on shelves.

Singer Warren Zevon Dies At 56

Singer/songwriter released final album, The Wind, two weeks ago.

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Singer Warren Zevon Terminally Ill

Zevon diagnosed with untreatable lung cancer.

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Year's delights brimmed with attitude and emotion, ranging from the curmudgeonly Life'll Kill Ya to the sentimental Bachelor No. 2.

Warren Zevon Still Sardonic After All These Years

Cynical singer/songwriter is back with Life'll Kill Ya, his first album since 1995.

Warren Zevon's 'Life'll Kill Ya'

Zevon To Play Ventura Ball

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