Exclusive: Rachael Ray Plans New South By Southwest Showcase

Hold Steady and Airborne Toxic Event rumored to be on the bill for Food Network star's second SXSW party.

Rachael Ray Defends Her Indie-Rock SXSW Party, Featuring Raveonettes, Holy F--- And Mac 'N Cheese

'People think I'm like this food robot or something, but music is a huge part of my life,' TV host says.

Kindness Of MySpace Strangers Helps Guitarless Raveonettes

When duo's van was robbed, they reached out to online community.

New Releases: Nine Inch Nails, Limp Bizkit, Stevie Wonder, Ryan Adams, Aimee Mann & More

Also due Tuesday are albums from Joe Perry, the Raveonettes, Mike Doughty.

For The Record: Quick News On Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson, Kurupt, Michael Jackson, The Raveonettes & More

'American Idol' and Paris Hilton most wanted, Kurupt and Wyclef sign on for Western, Black Sabbath drummer adopts a turkey.

For The Record: Quick News On Nick And Jessica, Eminem, Avril Lavigne, Christina Milian, Simple Plan, & More

For The Record: Quick News On Nick Carter, The White Stripes, A Perfect Circle, Michael Jackson, Slash & More

Nick Carter's Movie Finds A Home

New Releases: Linkin Park, Raveonettes, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Beth Orton, 'Underworld' Soundtrack & More

Raveonettes Attempt To Commit Murder In New Video

Chain Gang of Love drops August 12.

New Releases: '8 Mile' DVD, Mr. Cheeks, Raveonettes, Libertines, Stephen Malkmus, Buzzcocks & More

The Raveonettes: All Hits, All The Time, By Kurt Loder

Danish band's richly melodic songs and relentless, punk-beat rhythms demonstrate deep connection to rock and roll in all its forms.