Commercial Hits Collected On As Seen On TV

Compilation will include songs by Nick Drake, Badly Drawn Boy, Trio, others.

The Orb Rolling Through U.S. On Tour

Chill-out masters, supporting Cydonia on April outing, might introduce material from next album, Alex Paterson says.

Orb Back From Orblivion With New LP, Cydonia

Japanese singer Aki on three songs on mastermind Alex Paterson's first new album since 1997.

The Orb (Finally) Send Cydonia To Stores

Dance Beat: Massive Attack, DJ Micro, Orb ...

Revered group recording follow-up to 1998's acclaimed Mezzanine.

Dance Beat: Orb, Blake Baxter, Talvin Singh ...

Alex Paterson to DJ in New York with Wire's Colin Newman.

Orb Greatest-Hits Disc Due

Orb To Release Greatest-Hits LP

The Orb Set For U.S. Tour

The Orb

THE ORB: Take a famous song. Sample it, and then tell everyone. If that doesn't get you noticed...Synergist: MTV!