Cure, Bush Preview Albums In TV Tapings

British bands do back-to-back shows for 'Hard Rock Live.'

Bloodflowers Could Be Cure's Swan Song

But some fans of goth-pop group skeptical about singer Robert Smith's statement to newspaper.

The Cure To Return With "Bloodflowers"

Oleander Gets Happy For Cure Cover

Website With Hundreds Of Live Cure Songs Busted

Recording-industry trade group says label ordered the site closed down.

Hole, The Cure And Pearl Jam Provide Weekend Surprises

Cure Back In England To Record

No Doubt To Get Goth For Next Album?

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Cure Leader Pens "South Park" Song

Chart Watch: Summer Soundtracks Sizzle

While no artist debuted above #39, soundtracks filled 11 of Billboard's top 40 album spots.

Various Artists 'X Files Soundtrack'

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The Cure's Robert Smith

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Live: Just The Cure For WHFS' Nutcracker

The Cure injected the spent crowd with their uniquely moody melodies.

Cure Fans As Loyal As Ever

Fanatical Cure Fans Terminally Obsessed

Frontman Robert Smith says band appeals to those who love their music as well as anti-commercialism

The Cure Try To Cope With Fan Affection

Cure's Hauntingly Memorable Halloween Gig

Robert Smith and the men in black perform every single from 'Just Like Heaven' to 'High.'

"Question of the Day": The Cure For Your Record Buying Ills?