Ben Stiller, John Travolta, John C. Reilly Reveal Their 'Singing' Chops -- On Camera!

Chris Tucker, Jackie Chan, the Rock also belted out tunes for MTV News during interviews this year.

Turtle Power! '300' Loses Box-Office Battle To 'TMNT'

Two-time champ '300' slips to #2; 'Shooter,' 'The Last Mimzy' debut in top five.

'300' Slays Evil Puppet, Chris Rock For Another Box-Office Victory

10-day total hits $127 million; 'Dead Silence,' 'I Think I Love My Wife' come up short.

Projection Booth: Can A Puppet Steal Box-Office Crown From '300'?

Spartan warriors face trio of newcomers: 'Dead Silence,' 'I Think I Love My Wife,' 'Premonition.'

'300' Destroys Box-Office Rivals With Record-Setting Haul

Bloody action film earns $70 million; 'Wild Hogs' takes another $28 million for #2.

'Wild Hogs' Zooms Past 'Zodiac' In Box-Office Race

John Travolta buddy film earns $38 million its opening weekend.

Projection Booth: Battle Of The Bikers — 'Wild Hogs' Vs. 'Ghost Rider'

'Zodiac' also hopes to outrun Nicolas Cage's superhero flick this weekend.

John Travolta: 'Timberlake Has My Moves, For Sure'

'Hairspray' star weighs in on 'Batman,' Scarlett Johansson, big roles he's refused.

Jessica Biel's Dogs To Al Gore's Jokes: What You May Have Missed At The Oscars

Couldn't watch Academy Awards from preshow to finish? It's all right here.

Movie File: 'Hairspray,' Pierce Brosnan, Kristen Stewart & More

Queen Latifah says John Travolta has 'cutest booty' in 'Hairspray.'

Jenny's New Block: 'Dallas,' With Co-Star John Travolta

Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson contend for Lucy Ewing role.

Movie File: Queen Latifah, John Travolta, David Spade, Jessica Alba & More

Rapper promises fresh flavor in new 'Hairspray'; Spade digging up more 'Dirt'; Alba spills 'Fantastic' details.

'Robots' Sucks 'The Pacifier' Out Of #1 Spot

Animated family movie rakes in $36.5 million its first weekend in theaters.

Rewind: 'Be Cool'? Here's 10 Who Didn't Have To Be Told

A look back at the coolest cats to ever grace the big screen.

Vin Diesel Drops The Tough-Guy Act, Picks Up A #1 Movie

'The Pacifier' tops box office with more than $30.2 million.

'Be Cool': The Asininity Is Endless, By Kurt Loder

Ten years after 'Get Shorty' comes 'Be Cool,' a sequel that nobody was clamoring for.

Christina Milian, Black Eyed Peas Heat Up 'Be Cool' Soundtrack

'Dip It Low' singer has two new songs on the disc.

'Shaun Of The Dead' Raves Accurate; 'Ladder 49' Avoids Sap, By Kurt Loder

Whatever raves you may have heard rocketing around about 'Shaun of the Dead' are pretty much accurate.

Movie File: John Travolta, Reese Witherspoon, Brad Pitt, Michael Vartan, Ving Rhames, Kevin Bacon & More

Actor/pilot/dancer/Sweathog has four movies on his 2004 slate.

For The Record: Quick News On Howard Stern, Ludacris, Beach Boys, Afroman, Sharon Osbourne, Beck & More

John Travolta Hunting Ex-Delta Force Commando In 'Punisher'

Adaptation of Marvel Comics book due next summer.

Phil Spector: Mad Genius, By Kurt Loder

Producer who changed sound of pop music long known to be erratic, violent.

Beach Boy Jardine Splashes Former Bandmates With $4 Million Suit

Bandmember claims former colleagues wrongfully gave Mike Love exclusive right to tour under band's name.

Los Angeles Museum To Display Madonna Car, Creed Guitar

'Cars & Guitars of Rock 'n' Roll' to include Elvis Presley's, Madonna's wheels, Hendrix's, Ramone's axes.