Slipknot's Clown Unmasks Band's Trademark Look: How Often Are Those Masks Cleaned Anyway?

'The philosophy was always to just sit in it,' percussionist says of metallers' less-than-hygienic rules.

Slipknot's Clown On 'Psychosocial' Video: 'Our Goal Has Always Been To Infect'

Percussionist also explains why DJ Sid Wilson is rolling around stage in a wheelchair.

Opiate For The Masses' Manifesto Features New Bassist, Snoring Bulldogs; Plus Opeth, Slipknot & More News That Rules, In Metal File

'They're a pretty big part of the album, actually,' Anna Kjellberg says of guitarist Jim Kaufman's canines.

Slipknot Unveil Creepy New Masks Reminiscent Of Dr. Doom, Frankenstein, Leatherface

New onstage looks come just in time for Rockstar Energy Mayhem festival.

Gojira Flesh Out New LP, Work On Pronunciation; Plus Slipknot, Deftones & More News That Rules, In Metal File

'I don't know, myself, how to pronounce it correctly,' frontman Joe Duplantier says of his band's name.

Slipknot's Clown Tells Rockstar Tourmates 'Get Out Of Our Way'; Plus Danzig, SikTh & More News That Rules, In Metal File

'It's our show, and we're here to kill you,' percussionist Shawn Crahan warns.

Zimmers Hole Frontman's Spit Made Into Artwork; Plus Guns N' Roses, Slipknot & More News That Rules, In Metal File

The Heathen explains the lengthy title of Zimmers' latest LP, While You Were Shouting at the Devil, We Were in League With Satan.

Rockstar Energy Mayhem Fest -- Featuring Disturbed, Slipknot -- Busts Out Dates

Mastodon, DragonForce, Sevendust added to rival Ozzfest trek.

Gwen Stacy Doing It All For The Love Of The Lord; Plus Suicidal Tendencies, Withered & More News That Rules, In Metal File

'We've taken some fire for being Christians, and it's to be expected,' drummer T.J. Sego says.

Foo Fighters To Make Madison Square Garden Debut; Plus Chris Brown, John Legend, Kevin Federline, Angelina Jolie & More, In For The Record

Brown, Legend grace cover of Black Enterprise; Federline named one of Details' most-influential men under 45; Jolie nominated for Spirit Award.

Down Reunion Caused By Witchcraft; Plus Slipknot, High On Fire & More News That Rules, In Metal File

'It was mind-blowing to hear that,' Witchcraft singer/guitarist says of Phil Anselmo's love of band, which spurred him to re-form Down.

Corey Taylor Tells Fearful Slipknot Fans To 'Grow Up!'

'They go, 'Oh, I can't live [without the band],' ' singer says. 'Please.'

Metal File: 3 Inches Of Blood Get Deep With Slipknot Drummer & More

'Yes, we do play Dungeons & Dragons and we're not ashamed to admit it,' singer Jamie Hooper says.

Metal File: Manowar, A Life Once Lost, Origin & More News That Rules

Gods of War is first chapter in series of Manowar albums about mythological gods.

Stone Sour's Sweet Success May Mean Slipknot-Free 2007

Still riding Come What(ever) May wave, Corey Taylor says Slipknot is on hold until 2008.

For The Record: Quick News On Snoop, Jessica, Madonna, Lance Bass, Paris, J. Lo, GN'R, Kittie & More

Snoop's arraignment delayed; Simpson leaves stage in tears; Madonna plans tour DVD.

Guns N' Roses' Chinese Democracy In 2006: What Are The Odds?

Insiders, oddsmakers, GN'R fans calculate the odds.

The Last Days Of Slipknot? Clown Explains Making Of 'Voliminal' DVD

Percussionist says Iowa metal collective will end year-plus break in '07 to start work on LP number four.

Metal File: Mushroomhead, Beseech, Crowbar & More News That Rules

Sick of talking about Slipknot, drummer Steve Felton talks about Slipknot.

For The Record: Quick News On Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, U2, DMX, Kanye West, Killers & More

Hilton and Richie make up; U2 name hits disc; DMX drives into more car trouble.

For The Record: Quick News On Christina Aguilera, Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson, Taylor Hicks, Busta Rhymes & More

Aguilera wants to open domestic-abuse shelter; Lohan back on set; Hicks aims to prevent release of old song.

Korn's Jonathan Davis Hospitalized With Blood Ailment; Tour Canceled

Singer says doctors expect him to recover 'within a few weeks.'

For The Record: Quick News On DMX, Coldplay, Gorillaz, Proof, Phil Spector, Lil Jon, 'Idol,' OK Go, Slipknot & More

BET developing DMX reality series; Coldplay, Gorillaz score Novello noms; funeral set for second victim in Proof shooting.

'Clown' Documentary Unmasks Slipknot's Alleged Destruction Of Des Moines Bands

'There's a difference between not supporting [a music scene] and trying to destroy [one],' director says.