Britney Spears Suffers Setback In Hearing; Plus Dave Grohl, Kanye West, 'High School Musical' & More, In For The Record

Grohl opens up about Kurt Cobain; West mocks himself at Emmys; 'HSM' stars still in negotiations for third flick.

Vrenna Leaves NIN Behind To Explore What's Uncertain

With debut album, he hopes to help electronic music 'reach a broader bunch of people.'

Cardigans' Persson, Shudder To Think's Larson Record Song For Morgan Freeman Flick

Welcome To The Church Of Shudder To Think! Join Us!

Shudder To Think's Big Score With New Flick

Soundtrack to "First Love, Last Rites" features punk-pop band backing Jeff Buckley, Billy Corgan and others.

Shudder To Think Bring Filmwork To Life

Shudder To Think Bring Filmwork To Life

Shudder To Think Team With Corgan, Buckley, Phair For Soundtrack

Shudder To Think Create Film Score

Shudder To Think Know The (Film) Score

Shudder To Think

grassy: I read that your drummer left. Financial problems? Cancer?SHUDDER TO THINK: Yes Grassy. Yes Grassy, yes.

Shudder To Think

I wanted to get the metal out of me, sir. Plus I was a bit of a fat kid.