Scott Storch Intends To Pay Child-Support Debt This Week

Lawyer tells MTV News the producer will avoid jail time by settling his debts.

How Scott Storch's Cocaine Addiction Made Him Spend $30 Million In Six Months

Miami hit producer is back after almost losing everything to drug addiction.

Scott Storch Recovering From Cocaine Addiction, $30 Million Loss

Producer for artists from Lil Wayne to Paris Hilton says he's coming back after three years of cocaine addiction.

Lil Wayne/ Paris Hilton Producer Scott Storch Wanted By Police For Skipping Child-Support Hearing

Producer also reportedly behind on property taxes; lawyer blames mismanagement.

'I Had To Speak Up': Scott Storch Responds To Timbaland's Jabs

Storch answers Tim's Justin-featuring 'Give It to Me' with his own dis track.

'Idol' Dropout Mario Vazquez Shows 'Grittier' Side On Debut, Hopes For Spot On Christina Tour

Scott Storch-produced club jam 'Cohiba' is follow-up to Ne-Yo-penned first single 'Gallery.'

Method Man Drops Diddy, Seeks Clarity On New LP, 4:21 ... The Day After

Ticallion Stallion commissions beats from RZA and Scott Storch, strikes back at haters.

JoJo Says Being A Teenager Has Given Her A Lot To Write About

Singer working with Timbaland, Scott Storch on second LP.

Scott Storch Says He And Paris Are Making 'Amazing' Music

Producer says her LP has everything from rock to club sing-alongs.

Lil Jon Slams Scott Storch For 'Biting' His Style — 'Nonsense,' Storch Replies

'I'm a musician, so I don't know anything about [biting],' Storch says.

Jessica Simpson Mixes Country Flavor With Club Tracks On Upcoming LP

Working on 'Hazzard' put singer in touch with Southern roots.

Corey Clark Nabs Scott Storch, Peas Members For His 'Hot To Death' LP

Booted 'Idol' contestant knows it will be hard to get out from under shadow he cast for himself with Abdul revelations.

Busta Rhymes In Studio With Timbaland, Dr. Dre

The rapper will play some dates on this summer's Anger Management Tour.