Psy Returns As A Dancing Old Dude In Whimsical ‘Daddy’ Video

Psy's new song "Daddy" has a bizarre, CGI-heavy music video -- but the song is catchy as hell.

Psy’s Got A Huge ‘Hangover’ And The Only Cure Is More Snoop Dogg

More than a year after he broke the Internet with 'Gangnam Style," Psy is back this Sunday night with "Hangover," a collaboration with Snoop Dogg that is the first track from the South Korean sensation's upcoming American debut.

Here's How Long It Would Take You To Watch 'Gangnam Style' 2 Billion Times

Psy's "Gangnam Style" is the first YouTube video to hit two billion views, but how long would it take one person to watch the video that many times?

Psy's Looking To Release An Album Just In Time For 'Summer Season'

Psy plans to build on the success of 'Gangnam Style' and 'Gentleman' with an album this summer.

Beyonce, Madonna, Psy Go Punk At Met Gala

MTV News checks in with gala-goers like Miguel and Karlie Kloss to get their take on 'punk.'

Psy Breaks Down 'Gentleman' Video, Frame By Frame

Psy shares the secrets to his latest hit, including nods to 'Gangnam Style' and a whole lot of stupidity.

Psy On 'Gentleman's' Record-Setting Music Video: 'I'm An A--hole'

'It's nasty,' Psy says of his 'Gentleman' video, which has shattered YouTube records since being released.

Psy's 'Gentleman' Nears 125 Million Views, But Can It Match 'Gangnam Style'?

'He set the bar pretty high to match the success of 'Gangnam Style,' ' says Billboard's Silvio Pietroluongo.

New Video: Psy, 'Gentleman'

Psy is almost a "Gentleman" in his new brand-new video.

Psy Goes Harder, EDM-er On 'Gentleman'

Check out Psy's "Gangnam Style" follow up, "Gentleman."

Exclusive: Psy Has 'Another Dance' In The Works

South Korean superstar is working on 'Gangnam Style' follow-up and 2 Chainz remix.

Psy's Grammy Snub? Where Is The Love?

'People around the world didn't miss the boat,' says label boss Scooter Braun about the lack of nominations for 'Gangnam Style.'

Psy's 'Gangnam Style' Posts Record 1 Billion YouTube Views: How Did It Happen?

'When I'm reflecting on the year, it was the biggest year ever, not only for my career, but my life and my family's life,' says Psy about his record-smashing 2012.

Exclusive: Psy 'Can't Believe' 'Gangnam Style' Broke 1 Billion Views

'I can't compare it to anything else,' Psy tells MTV News after his smash hit racks up 1 billion views on YouTube.

Psy's 'Gangnam Style' Is Our Viral Sensation Of The Year

From little-known to global superstar, in 2012, Psy is closing in on one billion YouTube views and a permanent place in pop-culture history.

Will Psy's 'Gangnam Style' Be First To 1 Billion On YouTube?

'This is so unlike anything we've seen before,' says YouTube's Kevin Allocca of the numbers being put up by Korean pop sensation.

American Music Awards Ratings Down, Despite Bieber, Dueling Hammer Pants

According to data provided by Nielsen, Sunday's AMA were the lowest-rated telecast in the show's history.

Psy, MC Hammer Unite At AMAs, Send America Into Gallop-Like Frenzy

Korean pop sensation brings legend onstage for a mashup of 'Gangnam Style' and 'Too Legit to Quit' that had the entire audience dancing along.

Psy, Alicia Keys, The Killers Added To EMA Performer Lineup

Pitbull also set to heat up the show, airing Sunday, November 11 at 11 p.m. ET/PT on MTV2.

Did Psy's 'Gangnam Style' Set Off Thailand Shootout?

Two rival gangs 'danced provocatively ... in the manner of 'Gangnam Style,' ' which led to a shootout, reports say.

Psy's 'Gangnam Style' Gets North Korean Makeover

North Korea turns Psy's viral sensation into propaganda video that pokes fun at South Korean presidential candidate.

Psy Plans To Teach Usher How To Dance 'Gangnam Style'

Korean pop star relives his first encounters with the Confessions singer as well as Drake.

Could 'Gangnam Style' Get An English Makeover?

Psy tells MTV News his hit track carries a 'nonverbal' message, delivered primarily by his gallop-like dance moves.

Psy Breaks Down Greatest Assets Of 'Gangnam Style' Vid

'I want to tell you the reason why for the first time in the United States: honestly, I love butt,' Psy tells MTV News.