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What Are Steve Aoki, Calum Hood, And Blink-182 Working On Together?

According to a new photo, Steve Aoki, Callum Hood, and Blink-182 just finished something big in the studio.

The Blink-182 Feud Is Getting Seriously Weird -- Now Mark Hoppus Confirmed There Was Talk Of Booting Travis

The Blink 182 feud keeps getting hotter, with Mark Hoppus confirming in a new interview that there was talk in 2013 of replacing Travis Barker, but that he was never serious about it. Now he says there's no chance of reuniting with Tom DeLonge.

It's Official: Blink-182 Have Another Album In The Works

By all that is holy and SoCal-adjacent, Tom Delonge has confirmed the existence of blink-182's seventh studio album on Instagram.

Blink-182's Neighborhoods Had 'Long Road' To Release

As band's first album in nearly eight years hits stores on Tuesday, Mark Hoppus tells MTV News that Blink is back from the brink.

Mark Hoppus Says Blink-182 Are 'Working Very Hard' On New Album

Backing up drummer Travis Barker's recent claims, the bassist maintains that Blink's long-awaited new album will hit stores this summer.

Mark Hoppus Compares 'Star Wars' To 'Twilight'

Blink-182 frontman says not seeing a 'Twilight' movie would be like 'somebody coming up to me and saying [they] never saw 'Star Wars.' '

Mark Hoppus Talks Trousdale Press Project With All Time Low

'We're hoping to have the album tracking finished in the next two weeks,' Blink-182 bassist tells MTV News.

Motion City Soundtrack Say Mark Hoppus 'Lets Us Be Us'

'He never comes in and is like, 'You've gotta sound like this,' Joshua Cain says of producer/Blink-182 bassist.

Kris Allen, Mark Hoppus, Ke$ha, Owl City, More Reveal Their 2009 Favorites

'My favorite song of the year would have to be Jay-Z's 'Run This Town,' ' Pete Wentz says.

Exclusive: Mark Hoppus Says Blink-182 Will Tour Again ... In Europe

'All three of us have agreed to go over to Europe in the next year, so we're going to start planning that out,' he says.

Motion City Soundtrack Tell Blink-182's Mark Hoppus How Great He Is

MCS gets silly in part 2 of interview, which finds Hoppus playing MTV News reporter.

Blink-182 Fans Skeptical Of Mark Hoppus' Reunion Talk

Others are upset about +44's demise: 'Wow, I just cried,' one commenter wrote.

Exclusive: Mark Hoppus Announces Solo Plans, Puts +44 To Bed

'I've been in the studio every week writing songs with the intention of putting out a record of my own,' former Blink-182 member tells MTV News.

Exclusive: Mark Hoppus Talks Blink-182 Reunion

'The future is wide open,' Hoppus tells MTV News in part one of a two-part interview.

Travis Barker Is 'Healing Incredibly Well,' +44 Bandmate Mark Hoppus Says

Bassist says the band is on hold while the drummer recovers.

Travis Barker's Injury Forces Plus-44 To Postpone Tour

Band won't make Bamboozle Left Festival; jaunt now kicks off November 8 in Florida.

Plus-44's Travis Barker Still Has A Lot To Say About Blink Breakup

'No It Isn't' — one of 12 tracks on upcoming LP — addresses split.

Idiot Pilot Work With Plus-44's Barker, Hoppus On 'Dark Pop' LP

Dillinger Escape Plan's Chris Pennie, producer Ross Robinson also contribute to Wolves, due in spring.

Mark Hoppus, Travis Barker Break Plus-44 Silence, Talk 'The Real Tom'

Former Blink-182 members clear the air about new group, former bandmate.