Mack Wilds Wants You To Stop Saying 'R&B Is Dead' Already

Nineties nostalgia is at an all-time high, but Mack Wilds has words for anyone who says real R&B is dead. Adele's "Hello" leading man names the "modern-day Jodeci" and talks "Love in the 90z."

This 'Wire' Star Sends Love To Baltimore With A Tearful Message

Mack Wilds hops on Twitter to send a heartfelt message to his second home, Baltimore.

Mack Wilds Wonders How To Teach His Nephew To Be Strong After Eric Garner Decision

Mack Wilds speaks to MTV News about his feelings after a grand jury decided not to indict the police officer involved in Eric Garner's death.

Kendall Jenner, Pusha T And More Celebs Say 'Not Again' After Eric Garner Grand Jury Decision

After a grand jury in New York decided not to indict a police officer who used a deadly chokehold on Eric Garner just one week after a similar decision was announced in Ferguson, Missouri, the overwhelming response of celebrities speaking out on the issue has been: “Not again.”

How Good Is Wiz Khalifa At Flip Cup? You Have To See This Video To Believe

Wiz Khalifa goes head-to-head in a game of flip cup with his Under the Influence of Music tourmates.

Ed Sheeran Celebrates 'X' Album Launch By Landing VIBE Cover With His 'Soul Brothers'

Relaxing? PFFFT. Ed Sheeran celebrates the release of his second album, "x," by landing the Summer 2014 cover of VIBE, alongside August Alsina and Mack Wilds.

Mack Wilds Wants You To Come To His 'Crib' But You'll Have To Take The Staten Island Ferry

Mack Wilds debuts the romantic, NY-centric video for "My Crib," filmed in large part on the Staten Island Ferry.

So Why Was Mack Wilds Dressed Like A Pimp At His Prom?

Mack Wilds laughs at his prom night diaster.

Are You Ready For Mack Wilds' Michael Jackson Remake? It Could Be His Next Single

'The one thing that I really liked about this album is that we had so many joints,' Wilds tells MTV Nes of his Grammy-nominated debut LP.

Mack Wilds Will Help You Dump Your Cold-Weather Boo

'Make sure that you're able to take those cuffs off,' Mack Wilds tells MTV News.

Mack Wilds Graduates Early With His Sophomore Album

Mack says the follow-up to New York: A Love Story will document the 'trials and tribulations' of becoming a man.

Mack Wilds Pours Us A Sneak Peek Of His 'Henny' Remix Video: Watch

'From French to Mobb to Busta, it all came together real naturally,' Mack tells MTV News on the set of the upcoming clip.

It's Man Crush Monday: Why Mack Wilds Won Our Heart

MTV News pays homage to the Grammy-nominated singer/actor's sexy ways as this week's #ManCrushMonday.

Mack Wilds Calls Grammy Nomination 'The Craziest Feeling Ever'

Mack talks to MTV News about being nominated for New York: A Love Story alongside his collaborator.

Mack Wilds Has One Grammys Goal: Not To Be A 'Babbling Idiot'

Grammy nominee tells MTV News all about his hot date for Sunday's ceremony.

Mack Wilds Explains The Lauryn Hill Factor On New York: A Love Story

Wilds tells 'RapFix Live' his transition from acting to music was influenced by veteran triple threat L-Boogie.

Mack Wilds Made Wu-Tang Proud

Wilds tells MTV News about his work with Raekwon and Method of the Wu-Tang Clan.

Video Premiere: Mack Wilds' 'Own It'

Watch the music video premiere of Mack Wilds' debut single "Own It."