Wiz Khalifa, Eminem And 7 Other Rappers Who Have Featured Their Kids On Songs

A look at songs from Wiz Khalifa, Eminem, Jay Z, and more rappers who have brought their kids in the booth.

For The Record: Quick News On Cam'ron, Simon Cowell, Kelly Clarkson, Harry Potter, Spider-Man, Shawnna & More

Cam'ron won't cooperate with police; Clarkson defends Cowell; portions of 'Order of the Phoenix' converted into 3-D.

Master P On His Son, Lil' Romeo: 'I'm Working For Him Now'

P, Silkk the Shocker are signed to Romeo's Guttar Music Label.

New Releases: Green Day, Chevelle, Lil' Romeo, Raven Symone, Elvis Costello, The Cramps & More

Pop-punk trio release their rock opera American Idiot Tuesday.

Master P, Lil' Romeo Get Their Karate On In Kids' 'Matrix'

'The Fusion' is fourth movie in the works for father/son pair.

Fabolous, Missy, Tweet, Jadakiss On 'Honey' Soundtrack

Movie stars Jessica Alba and Lil' Romeo.

Lil' Romeo Finds Big Sis In Co-Star Jessica Alba

Actress offers reassurance, homework help during shooting of 'Honey.'

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Big Stretch: Master P To Play Rap Entrepreneur In New Film

In 'Uncle P,' rapper is forced to get domestic while caring for his sister's kids.

Benz-Owning Preteen Lil' Romeo Brags A Bit On New LP

Recently released Game Time includes song called 'Richie Rich.'

New Releases: Lil' Romeo, Dashboard Confessional, Tyrese, 'Gangs Of New York' Soundtrack, Lil' Flip, Prince & More

Master P Bringing 'Lil' Romeo And Lil' Juliet' To Big Screen

Will rapper/CEO's son play title role? Duh.

Master P, Lil' Romeo To Tour After Finishing Movie Roles

P filming 'Two Cops' with Harrison Ford; Romeo prepping for 'Honey.'

Lil' Romeo, Jessica Alba To Star In Inner-City Musical

In 'Honey,' Alba will convince Romeo to develop his dancing skills instead

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In Stores Now And Coming Soon: New Albums By P. Diddy, Moby, Weezer, Cam'ron, Rush, Deadsy & More

New offerings from 3rd Strike, Get Up Kids on shelves as well.

Lil' Romeo Gives Love To Charities

No Limit's smallest MC takes part in two charity events within one week.

'Scooby-Doo' Soundtrack To Feature Lil' Romeo, Kylie, Shaggy (Zoinks!)

Outkast, Sugar Ray, Uncle Kracker, Baha Men, Solange also appear on album.

Lil' Romeo Battles His Evil Twin On B-Ball Court

Video for '2 Way' sees Romeo hanging from wires, battling his bad self.

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Lil' Romeo Raps For The Kiddies At $1-A-Minute Tour Opener

No Limit's smallest soldier delivers half-hour set, sans promised Master P appearance, in Jacksonville, Florida.

In Stores Now And Coming Soon: New Albums By Brandy, Echobrain, Natalie Imbruglia, Clinic & More

Expectant 'Moesha' bears fruits of a different labor.

Shorty Phone Home: Master P Developing Sci-Fi Flick For Romeo

'It's like a twist off of "E.T. [The Extra Terrestrial]," ' P says.