Metal File: A Life Once Lost Learn Lessons From Lamb Of God & More News That Rules

ALOL's Bob Meadows got a few things off his chest with help from LOG's Randy Blythe.

Metal File: Lordi, Emperor, Knut, Vital Remains & More News That Rules

Frontman says he hadn't heard of Gwar before coming up with monster-costume idea.

Metal File: Black Dahlia Murder, Hellyeah & More News That Rules

Trevor Strnad hammering away at band's third LP — when he's not hunting airborne severed heads.

Avenged Win Over Crowd, System Snore, Ozzy Returns To Form At Ozzfest Launch

Disturbed, Hatebreed among other highlights at Thursday show in Auburn, Washington.

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Frontman Will Jackson hopes mainstream enjoys band's 'promise to destroy everything.'

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Lacuna's fetching frontwoman understands the fixation on her looks, but would like people to focus on music.

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Horse are hoping to turn people on to 'Nintendocore' — when they're not destroying hotel rooms.

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Jack and Renée call it quits, Lindsay and Hilary get searched, New Found Glory add dates.

Lacuna Coil: Evanescence For Europeans

Italian band finding fans on Ozzfest, including Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward.

A Perfect Circle, Rob Zombie Battle The Undead On Resident Evil: Apocalypse LP

Slipknot, Killswitch Engage, Lacuna Coil also sign on for LP.