Kevin Jonas Finally Reveals What Really Broke Up The Jonas Brothers

Kevin Jonas says it was creative 'friction' that broke up the Jonas Brothers, but things are great now that they're not butting heads over music anymore.

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Jessie J Vs. Jonas Brothers Vs. Madonna: Whose ‘Burnin’ Up’ Is Best?

Is Jessie J's 'Burnin' Up' better than the Jonas Brothers' song of the same name? What about Madonna's 'Burning Up'? Let's figure this one out.

Behind The Jonas Brothers Breakup: Find Out Who Called It Quits

Behind The Jonas Brothers Breakup: Find Out Who Called It Quits

Nick Jonas Opens Up About 'Chains' And His Departure From 'Jonas Brothers Music'

Exclusive: Watch Nick Jonas' First On-Camera Interview Since Releasing 'Chains'

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It's been six years since "Camp Rock" premiered on Disney Channel, so let's celebrate with these photos of baby Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers at the 2008 premiere.

Nick Jonas Put His Feelings About Rita Ora In A Song

Nick Jonas wrote a song about crushing on Rita Ora.

Nick Jonas Is Getting Even More Buff For 'Navy St,' As If That's Humanly Possible

Ummm, has Nick Jonas gotten even MORE buff for his role as an MMA fighter on DirecTV's "Navy St"? But, like, is it even humanly possible?!

Nick And Joe Jonas 'Can't Wait' To Meet Their New Niece

'My grandfathers memorial was yesterday. Today we welcome a new addition to the jonas family. God is great,' Nick tweeted about baby Alena Rose Jonas.

Joe Jonas' Mustache Has Reached Epic 'Anchorman' Proportions! Stay Classy, Joe! (PHOTO)

Wow, first Joe Jonas goes on his New York magazine tell-all honesty tour, and now the Jonas brother grows a Ron Burgundy mustache? NEW PERSONAL HERO.

Fresh Off The New York Magazine Tell-All, Joe Jonas Sat Down With Nylon Guys (PHOTOS)

Following Joe Jonas' New York magazine tell-all essay, the middle former Jonas Brother revealed even more secrets to Nylon Guys concerning... lasagna?

What Did You Think Of Joe Jonas' New York Magazine Tell-All Essay?

What did you think of Joe Jonas' revealing essay in New York Magazine?

Joe Jonas' Raw, Unbelievable Secrets: 7 Things We Learned From Shocking Tell-All

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Jonas Brothers, Down One Bro, Stage Mini A Reunion In Mexico

In an interview, the brothers don't mention why Kevin is absent from their South of the Border gig.

The Wanted Hope To 'Get In Deep And Talk' To Jonas Brothers After Split

'I would like to speak to them and see what happened and see what the story is,' Siva Kaneswaran says during 'Live From MTV.'

Jonas Brothers Promise Final Few Songs On The Way

You won't hear V in its entirety, but in a Facebook post, the bros say they're releasing new tracks soon.

What's Next For The Jonas Brothers? They Tell Us What's Coming In Chapter Two

Even though they've broken up, Nick, Joe and Kevin all have solo plans to satisfy fans.

Joe Jonas Shoots Down Drug Rumors: 'I've Never Touched Heroin In My Life'

The singer tells People the rumors about him and girlfriend Blanda Eggenschwiler are 'obviously not true.'

Get Out The Tissues, And Watch The Jonas Brothers Discuss Their Official Breakup On 'Good Morning America' (VIDEO)

Watch the Jonas Brothers discuss their official breakup on "Good Morning America."

The Jonas Brothers Breakup: We've Got The Soundtrack To Your Sorrow

MTV News helps you heal in the wake of the JB's breakup ... with music, of course.

Jonas Brothers Reveal The Real Reason Behind Their Breakup

The JoBros also say that their upcoming album, V, will never be heard in its entirety.

Jonas Brothers Are Breaking Up: We Relive The Happier (And Crazier) Times

'It's over for now,' so until the JoBros get back together, MTV News takes a look back at some of their craziest moments.

Jonas Brothers Split Leaves Hearts 'Shattered Into A Million Pieces'

Fans are left heartbroken and in shock over the announcement of the Jonas Brothers break-up.