'Avatar' Marks Seventh Week As Box-Office #1

James Cameron's latest crosses $2 billion worldwide, Mel Gibson's 'Edge of Darkness' earns second place.

'Avatar' Soars Above 'Legion,' 'Eli' And 'Tooth Fairy'

James Cameron's latest could surpass 'Titanic' numbers any day now.

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Brings 'Iconic Figure' To Life In 'Tooth Fairy'

Muscular star talks about appearing on 'Family Guy' and the new workout that has him bigger than ever.

'Crossing Over': Hard Traveling, By Kurt Loder

Harrison Ford barely registers in a misconceived immigration drama.

Alanis, Robbie, Sheryl Crow Are 'De-lovely' In New Cole Porter Musical

Film, due for release next year, stars Kevin Kline, Ashley Judd.

Kirk Hammett, Jello Biafra To Rally For San Francisco Artists

Jello Biafra Excluded From Crucial Business Meeting, Lawyer Says

Former Dead Kennedys singer is being sued by ex-bandmates for allegedly mismanaging royalties.

QOTD Results: Would You Vote For A Dead Kennedy?

More than half of SonicNet's readers wouldn't.

A Dead Kennedy Runs For President

Jello Biafra is on Green Party's ballot in New York.

Jello Biafra On NY Presidential Ballot

Punk rocker in primary against consumer advocate Ralph Nader for Green Party nomination.

Punk Icon Jello Biafra Lands On Presidential Ballot In New York

Krist Novoselic, Jello Biafra, Kim Thayil Protest WTO With Punk Assault

Ex-members of Nirvana, Soundgarden, Dead Kennedys lambaste trade organization at Seattle show.

Jello Biafra's Label To Toast 20th

Police Interrupt Jello Biafra Show -- On His Behalf

Former Dead Kennedys frontman mocked the media, politics and his idiosyncratic career during four-hour show.

Jello Biafra To Be On TV

Biafra To Release Fifth Spoken-Word CD

Ex-Dead Kennedy Leader Rips 'Offensive' Music Bill

Says measure unfairly targets music and may be ignored by artists not directly impacted.

News Flash: Judge Rejects Lawsuit Against Jello Biafra's Label

QUOTE (UNQUOTE): Ex-Dead Kennedys' Jello Biafra

Ex-Dead Kennedy Leader Carries On Timber Activist's Cause

Jello Biafra to release LP of spoken word and speeches from environmentalist Judi Bari.

"Question of the Day:" A New Flavor Of Jello?

Ex-Dead Kennedy Fights For Convicted Cop Killer

Jello Biafra's label releases LP of death-row inmates' essays to raise public awareness.

"Question Of The Day": Jello Biafra & The D.A.

Ex-Dead Kennedy Partners With Offspring Singer