Rock Beat: Henry Rollins, Creed, Pearl Jam ...

Ex-Black Flag singer to host Fox television show.

Rollins Lands Fox TV Series

Rock Beat: Henry Rollins, Snake River Conspiracy, Police ...

Ex–Black Flag frontman films spoken-word special.

UPDATE: Henry Rollins TV Special Set For Comedy Central

The Rollins Band's 'Get Some Go Again'

Rollins Band's 'Illumination'

Henry Rollins To Tour With New Backing Band

First album with revamped lineup, Get Some Go Again, is due Feb. 29.

Henry Rollins

Rollins Band Seeks "Illumination" In New Video

Wilco, Ben Harper, Henry Rollins Help "Sessions" Launch 2000 Season

New Rollins Band To Debut

Get Some Go Again, due next year, pairs Henry Rollins with ex-members of Mother Superior.

New Rollins Band LP Features Appearances From MC5, Thin Lizzy Guitarists

Early Rollins Solo Albums To Be Reissued

Revamped Rollins Band On Tour

Henry Rollins, Elvis Presley, Earth, Wind and Fire, Olsen Twins, Phish, Limp Bizkit, Blur, ZZ Top, Nine Inch Nails, Gomez...

Henry Rollins Recasts Rollins Band For New Album, Preview Tour

Parliament/Funkadelic To Reunite For Woodstock '99, Taps Rollins And Flea For New Album

Rollins Reflects On Ratt

Henry Rollins, Sting, Backstreet Boys, Lucinda Williams, Jay-Z, Ministry, Foxy Brown, Coolio, Busta Rhymes...

Henry Rollins, Son Volt ...

Henry Rollins Brings Musings On Isaac Hayes, David Lee Roth, Lollapalooza To New Tome

Einstürzende Neubauten Revisit Past With Henry Rollins As Tour Looms

Rollins Writes His Own Press Release! (Oh, And Has A New Album, Too.)

Henry Rollins Puts Weird Rants Down In 12th Book

The industrious singer/author/actor/spoken-word artist has released another collection of essays.

Henry Rollins Lets Loose On Upcoming Spoken-Word CD

Punker rants about everything from Clinton and Monica Lewinsky to El Niño on latest effort.

Sabbath Iommi Solo May Feature Rollins, Anselmo, Grohl, Corgan, Others