Heidi Montag Teases 'Shocking Alliances' On 'Famous Food'

'I'm like, 'OK, let's keep it professional!' ' the 'Hills' alum recalls thinking on her new VH1 show.

Heidi Montag Regrets Breast Implants

'I'm desperate to go back to normal,' Montag tells Life and Style.

Heidi Montag Calls Divorce From Spencer Pratt 'Heartbreaking'

'We just want different things in life,' onetime 'Hills' star tells People magazine.

Heidi Montag And Spencer Pratt Split, Rep Says

'It's a separation for now, not divorce,' Heidi's rep tells CNN.

Check Out Heidi Montag's Debut Album Superficial Here

'The Hills' star embraces Auto-Tune and bouncy beats on her first LP.

Heidi Montag Calls Debut LP 'The Most Challenging Thing I've Ever Done'

'I've put more into this than anyone could possibly comprehend,' the 'Hills' star says of Superficial.

Heidi Montag Fights Back With 'Superficial'

'You don't know me or anything about me,' 'Hills' star says of her new single.

Heidi Montag And Spencer Pratt Set For Rematch With Al Roker

'The Hills' stars to appear on 'Today' show next week to promote their new book, 'How to Be Famous.'

Heidi And Spencer's Friends (And Frienemies) Weigh In On Baby Plans

The 'Hills' couple are at odds over starting a family, so their co-stars offer some words of advice.

Brody Jenner Thinks Heidi And Spencer Will Be 'Great Parents'

'A little Heidi and Spencer would be great,' the 'Hills' star says.

Spencer Pratt Gives Heidi Montag A Puppy For Her Birthday

Instead of getting a baby this year, the 23-year-old 'Hills' star gets a maltipoo.

Miss USA Praises Heidi Montag's Miss Universe Performance

'I thought it was pretty good,' Kristen Dalton says.

Heidi Montag And Spencer Pratt Can't Agree On Baby Plans

'I'm not sure the world wants a Spencer Pratt spawn,' the male half of Speidi says.

Audrina Patridge Questions Heidi Montag's Music Career

'I just don't think she's taking it that serious,' 'Hills' co-star says.

Heidi Montag Wants 'Upgrade' Before Next Playboy Pictorial

'Hills' star also said she hasn't seen Aubrey O'Day's pictorial and doesn't think you can compare the two.

Will Heidi Montag Title Her Album I'm Pregnant?!

'It's like a group of rocks. They're all rocks, but they're so different,' 'Hills' star says of LP.

Spencer Pratt Calls Heidi Montag The '2010 Michael Jackson'

'For all we know, Heidi gets possessed with some of that Michael Jackson divine spirit,' Pratt says of his wife's music career.

Heidi Montag Says Miss Universe Performance Was Live

'It was the livest performance in history,' Spencer Pratt says, brushing off lip-synching rumors.

Heidi Montag Shows Off Her 'Body Language' At Miss Universe

'Hills' star pulls Britney Spears move, stripping down to nude-colored bra.

Heidi Montag Rehearses New Song For Miss Universe

'Hills' star will sing just-released 'Body Language,' from a new album due in September.

Heidi Montag Hints That She Might Pose For Playboy Again

'Next time, I'll have more to reveal,' the 'Hills' star says of avoiding nudity in first photo spread.

Heidi Montag Bares More Than Her Body In Playboy

Spencer Pratt interviews his wife about plastic surgery, jealous girls and 'The Hills.'

Speidi Return To See Lou Diamond Phillips Win 'I'm A Celebrity'

Jungle reunion was surprisingly free of Spencer and Heidi drama.

Heidi And Spencer To Return For 'I'm A Celebrity' Finale

After leaving the show three times, Speidi will reportedly head back to the jungle on June 24.