Gary Glitter Sentenced to Three Years In Jail For Molestation

Vietnamese court finds British singer guilty of sexually abusing two 11-year-old girls.

Gary Glitter Released From Prison

The singer wept and apologized during a press conference.

Gary Glitter Reportedly To Be Released

Glam-rocker has served two months of four-month sentence for child pornography.

Sports Organizations Ax Gary Glitter, Eminem Songs

NHL teams react to glam-rocker's child-pornography conviction; NFL objects to blunt rapper's lyrics.

NHL Teams Might Ice Gary Glitter Song

'Rock & Roll Part 2' could be pulled from games after rocker's jailing on child pornography charges.

Best Of '99: Gary Glitter Gets Jail Time For Pornography; Acquitted On Assault

Glam singer sentenced to four months after pleading guilty to shooting, possessing illicit photos of children.

Gary Glitter Acquitted On Sexual Assault

Singer immediately back in court on child-pornography charges.

Jury Deciding Gary Glitter Case

British panel to resume deliberations Friday in glam singer's indecent-assault and sodomy trial.

Gary Glitter Trial Begins

Gary Glitter, Guns N' Roses, Beatles, Beth Orton, Jeff Buckley, Hole, Bush, Garbage, Radiohead, Everclear ...

Preliminary Hearing Set For Glitter

Gary Glitter Child-Porn Trial Starts

Gary Glitter Accused Of Indecent Assault

Glam-Rocker Gary Glitter Charged With Sexual Assault On Young Girls

The flamboyant performer allegedly committed indecent acts on minors during '70s and '80s.

Cops Question Gary Glitter

Gary Glitter Charged

Gary Glitter's Last Stand?

News Flash: Gary Glitter Arrested For Child Pornography

Glitter Arrested In Porn Probe