Dead Kennedys Alive And Fighting Over 'Impersonator'

Former frontman says band using 'bait-and-switch tactics' to trick audiences with new singer.

Dead Kennedys Remastered, Reissued And Recorded Live

Concert disc Mutiny on the Bay will accompany new pressing of four studio LPs.

Biafra Blasts Ex-Dead Kennedys Bandmates, Plans Appeal

Former frontman of punk band, 'totally embarrassed' by plans to release rarities, says he'll fight $200,000 judgment against him.

Ruling Resurrects Dead Kennedys Rarities

The to-the-left group will be back with new live albums, home videos, remastered versions of original releases.

Attorney Says Dead Kennedys Verdict May Have Far-Reaching Implications

Trial verdict draws mixed reactions from indie-punk community.

Biafra Ordered To Pay Ex-Dead Kennedys $200,000

Jello Biafra Ordered To Pay Ex-Dead Kennedys Bandmates $200,000

Jurors find that former Dead Kennedys singer failed to pay back royalties, adequately promote catalog.

Jury Finds Jello Biafra Liable For Mismanagement

Damages already exceed $100,000, with punitive penalties expected.

Closing Arguments Presented In Dead Kennedys Trial

Attorney advises jurors not to be swayed by Jello Biafra's celebrity.

Offspring Singer Testifies In Dead Kennedys Trial

Dexter Holland says group's credibility would've suffered if they had put song in TV commercial.

Lawyer: Jello Biafra's Activities Promote Dead Kennedys' Catalog

Singer's ex-bandmates are suing him and his label for alleged mismanagement.

Ex-Dead Kennedys Singer Says He Felt Threatened By Guitarist

Jello Biafra testified that East Bay Ray promised 'repercussions' for not allowing commercial use of song.

Dead Kennedys Drummer Says Jello Biafra 'Not Really A Musician'

D.H. Peligro takes stand, telling court, 'He couldn't bring in a complete song.'

Bassist Says Dead Kennedys Songs Were Collaborative Effort

Klaus Flouride takes stand in bandmembers' case against ex-frontman Jello Biafra.

Ex-Dead Kennedys Member Accuses Biafra Of Cover-Up

Ex-Dead Kennedys Guitarist Accuses Jello Biafra Of Cover-Up

East Bay Ray says former frontman hid discrepancies in royalty payments.

Dead Kennedys Guitarist Says Label 'Ganged Up' On Him

On first day of trial, East Bay Ray says Alternative Tentacles was abrasive when approached about royalties.

Dead Kennedys Gear Up For Court Battle Over Catalog

Ex-bandmates sue frontman Jello Biafra for control of catalog.

Dead Kennedys Prepare To Square Off In Court

Dead Kennedys Members In Jam Band

Fishbone, Black Eyed Peas, Bad Brains members also playing Los Angeles show at end of the month.

Alternative Tentacles Celebrates 20 Years

Jello Biafra Lashes Out At Ex-Dead Kennedys

Calls lawsuit over royalty payments a vendetta that 'makes Kenneth Starr look like a nice guy.'

Ex-Dead Kennedys Guitarist Claims Suit Against Biafra Unavoidable

Members of defunct punk-band are seeking royalties from record sales.

Former Dead Kennedys Sue Jello Biafra Over Royalties

Lawsuit charges ex-leader of punk pioneers with breach of duty and breach of contract.