Chuck D To Testify Before Congress On Napster, Online Music

Small Business Committee meets May 24 to examine business models in era of free music.

Chuck D Embraces Napster In Times Column

Public Enemy rapper says controversial software is 'creating new fan interest.'

Chuck D. Remembers Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

QOTD Results: Will Chuck D's rock band have as much impact as Public Enemy?

More than three-quarters of SonicNet readers say Public Enemy is a tough act to follow.

Digital Music Flashback: Public Enemy Befriends MP3s

By posting songs on Net without label's approval, the group's frontman Chuck D put focus on digital format.

Public Enemy, Nas, Others Set To Help Launch Rock Hall's Hip-Hop Exhibit

Two Cultural Icons Reflect On The Future

Author William Gibson and PE frontman Chuck D weigh in with social commentary and insights about what's to come.

QOTD Results: Will Chuck D's 'Enlighten' Music Fans?

Readers were pretty much evenly split over whether the new website would have a substantial impact.

Will "enlighten" hip-hop fans and artists?

Chuck D Builds Rap Site To 'Enlighten' Fans, Artists

Public Enemy leader and digital-music pioneer calls project 'ESPN of hip-hop.'

Rage Sets Club Dates, "Letterman" Appearance; Video Plans Still Fuzzy

Public Enemy Sets Dates For North American Tour

Prince Signs With Arista; Lands Chuck D, Ani DiFranco, Sheryl Crow For New LP

KRS-One, Chuck D, Big Daddy Kane To Appear At Hip-Hop Conference

Public Enemy, Prince Take Spotlight At Yahoo Online Music Awards

Wyclef, PE, Prince, Others Slated For Yahoo! Internet Awards

Chuck D Demands Apology For Charges Of Anti-Semitism

Anti-Defamation League leader stands by assertion, says Public Enemy frontman is out of order.

Puffy, Chuck D Brave Heat To Shoot "P.E. 2000" Rock-Remix Clip

Public Enemy, Live, Everlast Download For Digital Club Festival

Chuck D Assembles Political CD

Chuck D, Grand Master Flash, Sugar Ray, Stevie Wonder, Kirk Franklin, Meat Purveyors, Mudhoney, Gomez, Limp Bizkit...

Chuck D On Possible Public Enemy-Confrontation Camp Tour

Public Enemy Leader To Front Rock Band At Summer Fest

Chuck D's Confrontation Camp, also featuring PE bandmate Professor Griff, on schedule for Digital Club Festival.

Public Enemy's Chuck D

Public Enemy Finds An Online Home For New Album