Lindsay Lohan Re-Creates Nude Marilyn Monroe Photo Shoot; Plus Amy Winehouse, Lil Jon, Mario, 'Idol' & More, In For The Record

Winehouse to perform at Brit Awards; Jon's label, TVT Records, declares bankruptcy; Mario to compete on 'Dancing With the Stars.'

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ALOL's Bob Meadows got a few things off his chest with help from LOG's Randy Blythe.

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Frontman issues warning for those planning to attend Ozzfest.

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Swedish death-metal band took less complicated approach with Fiction.

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Drummer for Boston hardcore quintet calls Beauty and the Breakdown 'make-or-break' album.

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Break out the trampolines: British power-metallers finally arrive in U.S.

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Frontman Jamey Jasta calls new record an 'all-out onslaught of completely adrenaline-charged, in-your-face brutality.'

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Strapping Young Lad's outlandish frontman releasing 13 tracks of 'sunshine metal.'