Bjork Stitches Up Her Pain -- And Ours -- In 'Family'

Bjork's video for "Family" is out.

5 Ways Björk Is Basically You After A Breakup

Björk's video for "Lionsong," the first video off her latest album, "Vulnicura," is a visual, acoustic and emotional tour de force.

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I went to the MoMA retrospective on Bjork and had a lot of feelings.

First Bjork Beyonce'd Her Album, Now She's Taylor Swift'ing It

Bjork explains why her new album, 'Vulnicura,' won't be available on Spotify anytime soon.

Who Is The Leonardo DiCaprio Of The Grammys?

Who is the Leo DiCaprio of the Grammys? Believe it or not Katy Perry, Bjork, 50 Cent, Bob Marley, One Direction and Nicki Minaj have never won a gramophone. Here are the totally overlooked musicians who deserve Grammy gold.

Bjork Has One Problem Kanye Will Never Have

After making music for decades, Bjork still has to fight to take credit for her success.

Bjork Pulled A Beyonce, And Now All Is Right With The World

Bjork surprise-released her new album, 'Vulnicura,' two months ahead of schedule. REJOICE, dammit. REJOICE.

Charli XCX, St. Vincent, Bjork: 2015's Governor's Ball Is Packed With P---y Power

Governor's Ball is out with its 2015 lineup.

From Janet To Whitney To Bjork: 8 Acts Who Should Make The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

We love Green Day, but we think the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is missing a few iconic acts.

Drake And Arcade Fire Were No Match For This Throat Singer At The Polaris Music Awards

Throat singer Tanya Tagaq beat out Drake and Arcade Fire to win Canada's prestigious Polaris Music Prize on Monday night.

Jennifer Lopez And Marc Anthony Do Disney; Plus Gnarls Barkley, Mary J. Blige, Krist Novoselic, Bjork & More, In For The Record

Gnarls almost done with second LP; Blige responds to steroid allegations; Novoselic donates to Ron Paul campaign.

Zac Efron Has Appendix Removed; Plus Heidi Montag, Joel Madden, Nicole Richie, Rihanna, Hawthorne Heights & More, In For The Record

Montag wants to be Madonna with solo LP; Madden blogs about his and Richie's baby; Rih Rih teams with Marc Jacobs for purse.

R. Kelly Case Still Moving At A Snail's Pace; Plus Wu-Tang Clan, Paula Abdul, Chris Daughtry, 'American Idol' & More, In For The Record

U-God sues Wu Music; Abdul considers adopting kids; Daughtry says 'Idol' is 'in a state of decline.'

Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins And Bjork Ring In The New Year, In New Releases

Also due Tuesday: 'Elvis: Viva Las Vegas' soundtrack featuring Daughtry, Bruce Springsteen, Joe Perry.

Ashlee Simpson Shoots 'Out There' Video; Plus Kanye West, Avril Lavigne, Gorillaz, J.K. Rowling, Velvet Revolver & More, In For The Record

West drops out of U.S. show at last minute; Lavigne, Gorillaz items featured in auctions; Rowling documentary on the way.

Radiohead, M.I.A., Bjork: Albums I'm Supposed to Love But Just Don't, In Our Year-End Top 10s

Feist, Arcade Fire also make list of 2007's 'musical broccoli.'

Buble Takes Down Bone Thugs In Mother's Day Chart Melee

New albums from Bobby Valentino, Björk also crack chart's top 10.

Mariah To Be Honored At VH1 Event, Plus Justin Timberlake, Kelly Clarkson, Paris Hilton, Amy Winehouse & More, In For The Record

Timberlake duets with Reba McEntire; Clarkson reveals tour venues; Hilton might not have to serve full sentence.

Bobby Valentino Vs. Bjork, Plus Bone Thugs, Paris Bennett, Elliott Smith, H.I.M. & More, In New Releases

Also due Tuesday: Sea and Cake, Bad Plus, Sea Wolf, Shannon Wright, Travis, Master P, Radiohead.

Hey 50 Cent, T.I., Beasties: If New Album Is Your 'Baby,' Why'd You Name It That?!

Our merciless panel of baby-name experts weighs in on album titles.

Amy Winehouse Tests Tent Limits, Bjork Previews Weird Timbaland Tracks As Coachella Kicks Off

Plus Perry Farrell resurrects a Jane's Addiction classic, Jesus and Mary Chain mesmerize on fest's first day.

For The Record: Quick News On Eminem, 50, DG Yola, Gwen, 'Harry Potter,' Swizz Beatz & More

Em files motion against Kim Mathers; 50's racing film accelerates; Stefani, Akon performing on 'Idol.'

Tsunami, Timbaland Help Shape Bjork's Forthcoming Volta

Icelandic songstress speaks her mind on politically inclined sixth LP.

For The Record: Quick News On Snoop, Brandy, DJ Drama, Wu-Tang Clan, Coachella, Chris Brown & More

Snoop pleads not guilty; Brandy involved in fatal crash; DJ Drama's mixtape hearing postponed.