Adele Makes Brussels Feel Her Love With An Emotional Live Tribute

Following the terrorist attacks in Brussels, Adele paid tribute to the victims with a moving performance of "Make You Feel My Love."

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Adele Publicly Supports Kesha During Brit Awards Speech

Adele publicly supported Kesha during the first of her emotional speeches at the Brit Awards.

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A YouTube singer has put together a very different cover of Adele's "Hello" with some help from Google Translate.

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Adele Covers Vogue With Her Trademark Eyeliner Nowhere In Sight

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Adele Is Adorably Awkward Again On Her New Single Artwork

Adele's hilarious, toothless childhood likeness graces the cover of her new "When We Were Young" single.

Adele Just Snatched Donald Trump’s Ability To Use Her Music At Campaign Rallies

After internet outrage, Adele's team states that Donald Trump does not have permission to use the singer's music for campaign purposes

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