The stakes were high, the nerves were higher and Demi Lovato promised nothing short of a "f---ing amazing"
 show when she kicked off her Neon Lights Tour in Vancouver, British Columbia on Sunday night.

And, from the sound of it, she delivered. The singer, hitting the road for the fist time since 2012, gave fans a running account of how she was feeling before, during and after the opening-night gig, making it sound like she overcame the jitters and gave Lovatics exactly what they were hoping for.

Here's the countdown to Sunday's show:

Sneak Peek
On Saturday night, Demi posted a picture of an empty arena to get fans pumped up for the gig.

Seriously Sweating The Details
It was either a good sign, or a bad omen when Demi tweeted that the top of her deodorant broke off just a few hours before show time.

Promises, Promises
With her Secret slip-up behind her, Demi said she'd never been more excited or nervous before a show.

A Hand For Her Girls
You know who's super excited about the opening act? Demi!

I Can't Hear You
Just minutes before hitting the stage, Demi shook out the last of her stress and asked fans to scream so loud she could hear it in the dressing room.

Show Time!
Two hours later, Demi was back in her dressing room, no doubt pumped up about getting the first gig out of the way and psyched to get to the next one.