The hours leading up to the 56th Grammy Awards are ticking away and all the stars are coming out — on Twitter and Instagram, that is. Yup, Taylor, Ed, Wiz and more are getting buffed, polished and trying not to freak out, and they're documenting it all via social media.

While you're laying out your snacks and cracking open an age-appropriate beverage in prep for the music fan's approximation of the Big Game, the musicians that are nominated for, attending or performing at the Grammys are currently slogging through a slightly more stressful collection of hours.

Watch your favorite stars do the following below:

...Getting Ready

Taylor Swift

Here's Taylor, just practicing her "surprised" face. Perhaps she'll get a chance to bust it out when they award "Album Of The Year"

Sara Bareilles

Bareilles is getting "Brave" with a shot of caffeine, it seems.

Ed Sheeran

Looks like Ed Sheeran is making his Grammy outfit a family affair with the addition of his grandpa's tie.


This suit has some serious "Atmosphere."

Hunter Hayes

What time is it, Hunter? Time for you to look extremely sharp in a suit, obviously.

Mack Wilds

Well, what do you all think?

...Getting Excited

It's safe to say that most people rocking up to the Grammys tonight have a serious case of the happy shakes. Blake Shelton crowed about his performance tonight via Twitter — "Oh that sounds cool!! Me? Oh I'm just singing with @merlehaggard, @willienelson and @KrisKristofersn tonight on the Grammys.. #holysh—" — while Nile Rodgers has been burning the midnight oil to take in all the excitement and glory.

"Okay, I slept 1 hour but it's better than nothing," he tweeted after a barrage of excited backstage and party updates.

Sara Bareilles, for her part, only had one thing to say: "todaytodaytodaytodaytodaytoday(ohyeah!) TODAYTODAYTODAYTODAYTODAYTODAYTODAYTODAYTODAY!!!! #GRAMMYs"

What day are the Grammys again, Sara? Just kidding.

...Getting Centered

Some stars, however, are in need of a calming influence come Grammy time. Wiz Khalifa expressed the need for some herbal refreshment, while Kaskade told us about his quick social anxiety fix: "often times I bury my head in the phone to avoid awkward social situations..." he said, then, true to his word, proceeded to share a barrage of tweets and snaps.

Macklemore, for his part, quelled all of our worries about a rivalry between him and fellow nominee Kendrick Lamar by sharing a personal text conversation.

I'm happy to see you guys getting along, dudes, but maybe you could answer a few of those texts, Mack? They're making me anxious!

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