Justin Bieber is not afraid of the returning polar vortex. He and his merry men took to the slopes this weekend after what had been a newsworthy week in the wake of his egg raid scandal. The pop star and his "fellas," including Lil Za, who had been arrested at his house earlier in the week, went on a snowboarding trip. Fans went along for the ride on Instagram.

In a sea of pictures and Instagram videos, the 19-year-old and comrades like Ryan Butler and singer Khalil looked like they were having a snowy blast on their boys' weekend. Butler shared on Instagram, "Fun day with the Boyz. Glad to have fun & see that @justinbieber is happy & well!"

Judging by the online evidence, the weekend included bro sessions with ice cream and snowboarding as well as hockey.

And, Bieber even took the time to learn some new tricks while away. Already an avid skateboarder, he shared with his Beliebers that he was learning to Ollie on a snowboard.

But it wouldn't be a Bieber photo spree without a shirtless selfie. So, of course, Bieber made sure to include a shirtless snapshot for his fans.

And, for the record, he was "Stashed up lol."