Nobody tells Snoop Dogg what to do, especially in the recording booth. The D-O-double G has taken great creative freedoms in the studio this year, first dropping a reggae album under the moniker Snoop Lion and now a funk project with producer Dam Funk under the alias Snoopzilla.

"Me and Dam, we always wanted to work together, now we're able to so we said, 'Let's just go in and do a project where nobody tells us what to rap about or what to sing about or what to make the beats about, but let's just go from a perspective of what feels good to us right now.' This is what feels good," Snoop told MTV News of his December 10 seven-song 7 Days of Funk album.

While Snoop's dive into the reggae world was sonically jarring, this new project is a better fit, harkening back to his early days rhyming over George Clinton and Funkadelic classics. "Hit da Pavement" is a bass-rattling track that finds him rolling in his 1964 Cadillac, while "Let It Go" has Snoop singing the words to Patrice Rushen's 1984 hit "Feels So Real."

Each track is produced by Stones Throw's Dam Funk, who has carved out a lane for himself as a modern funk musician. "I've already been following Snoop's career for so long, it just was an honor to be able to connect with him and provide some musical bed for his great vocals and talents," he told us.

Snoop clearly has made his biggest impact as a rapper. On November 23 his classic debut album Doggystyle turned 20 years old, and in his two decades in the game, he has emerged as one of the top MCs thanks to hits like "Bitch Please," "Beautiful" and his #1 hit "Drop It Like It's Hot."

As much as he and Dam aim to pay homage to their funk forefathers, Snoop is looking to also cement his place in the genre. "We love the funk that was inspired, that created us. So it's like paying homage at the same time by bringing some brand-new funk to the table," he said.