Fresh off his collaboration with Lady Gaga, R. Kelly is hopping in the studio with another pop superstar.

On Wednesday (November 13), the same day he released a teaser trailer for his upcoming movie, "Believe," Justin Bieber confirmed that he and the Chicago singer have teamed up for some music coming "next week." In a tweet, the 19-year-old linked to a Vibe magazine article in which Kelly reveals the pair are working together.

"I just did a song [with him]," R. Kelly told the magazine during a private listening for his upcoming album, Black Panties. "[Justin] just called me to do a song, and it's hot. He wanted to go and do some R&B stuff, so we got together and did that."

While there's no word on whether the song will be a part of Bieber's Music Mondays series, the R&B vibe that R. Kelly brings would fit in well since Justin's has been releasing slow to mid-tempo tracks that deal with love, heartbreak and reminding us that he's not "all bad."

As for R. Kelly, he's certainly having a moment in the pop music spotlight. His ARTPOP collaboration with Lady Gaga, "Do What U Want," is currently in the top 20 on the iTunes singles charts and they recently shot what sounds like an epic music video. "I shot it last week with [photographer] Terry Richardson, and R. Kelly's in the video," Gaga told MTV News on the red carpet of her ARTRAVE event in New York City on Sunday night. "We had a great time. It was amazing. He's wonderful to work with."