Secure that she killed the Halloween game with her sexy "50 Shades of Grey"-inspired
 barely-there S&M outfit, Nicki Minaj spent most of Friday morning (November 1) re-posting her favorite pics of Barbz and Kenz dressed in their best Nicki drag.

From babies to teens and grown women, Nicki's favorites are a hilariously eclectic bunch, though one thing they all had in common was amazing hair and appropriately candy-colored outfits.

Here are some of Nicki's picks:

Nicki And Miley
One of the most popular memes was snaps of Minaj with this year's most popular costume: tongue-wagging Miley Cyrus. Some got close up with it and others went for a group dynamic, throwing Robin Thicke and Lil Wayne into the mix.

Nicki, Weezy and 2 Chainz
Minaj's second favorite trend were snaps of her with labelmate Lil Wayne, some of which added in Drake or just kept it old school.

Cute And Sassy
One of the funniest of the bunch was a pic of a mom (we hope) with her Lil Nicki in a leopard print bodysuit, rivaled only by an adorable kid in pink leggings and what we can only imagine is the youngest Barb on the planet.

Katy, Jigsaw And Gaga
No matter where the Barbz were, they had plenty of company, including the ultimate "muf---in' MONSTA" Jigsaw from the "Saw" series, as well as Lady 2 Chainz, Lady Gaga, a Kanye mask and a purple-haired Katy Perry.

One of our favorites, though, was a fan who uploaded a snap of her wearing a much more modest version of the pasties-and-chains look Nicki uploaded recently.