Everyone's mom has those pictures. You know the ones: You're standing on the porch, somehow already covered in chocolate, clutching a broom, tears just pricking your eyes as you contemplate wandering into this dark abyss we call night in search of sugary booty. Even stars like Pete Wentz, Austin Mahone and Beyoncé have them. And, lucky for you, their moms have kindly chosen to give MTV News a peek into those Halloween photo albums of yore.

Below we have a veritable carnival of horrors: 11 musicians and MTV reality stars sporting everything from fake blood to giant bunny suits. Cuteness is seriously imminent. As is head-scratching confusion.

Crank up the "Thriller" and get out the candy — here we go!

The Best Celebrity Costumes Of Yester-Year, Including Will Smith, Christina Aguilera And More!

Pete Wentz
Looks like little Wentz was all dark and brooding long before taking the stage with Fall Out Boy. Here he is with his brother and sister, kitted out like a vampire.

"I liked the idea of going all in on Halloween every year," he told MTV News. "This was one of my favorites — it feels good to have been this early on the 'Twilight' trend."

Ever a perfectionist, the little sucker came prepared for the night of tricks and treats. "I only remember having my mom get me like a thousand extra blood capsules so it would look gory at every house we hit," he said.

You could say he was thoroughly un-"Dead on Arrival," no?

Jack Antonoff, fun.
"Some Nights"... your dreams just get invaded by a fedora-wearing serial killer with claws for hands, a.k.a. guitarist Jack Antonoff from .fun as a wee tot.

"As you can see I'm really selling the costume with an evil licking of my deadly hand," Antonoff told MTV News. "My sister is probably one of the 'Hocus Pocus' witches (that movie was huge then). A cool detail is her spider was earring. But the coolest detail is her 'don't give a f--- face.' Lastly, and most important, is my mother. What's notable is that she isn't wearing a costume. That's just what people looked like in the '90s who lived in North Jersey."

Did she carry you home that niiiiiiight, Jack?

Austin Mahone
Here's mini Austin Mahone trussed up like Woody from "Toy Story." There are no words. Only noises that denote cuteness.

Portugal. The Man
John Gourley may be the leader singer of a band prominently featuring the word "man," but here he's just a boy ... a 9-year-old dressed up as a "motherf---king ninja," he told News.

Note: The mullet is not a part of the costume. " '90s Alaska was a lot like the '80s everywhere else," he said.

For your sake, we hope you didn't have any "Evil Friends" back then, John.

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Brandon Boyd, Incubus
Before he was writhing around shirtless as the frontman of Incubus — then, later, in his new project Sons of the Sea — Brandon Boyd was just a tow-headed 4-year-old, staring wide-eyed at this funny little thing called life.

"This is about all my mom could rustle up on short notice," he told News. "I am obviously a lil' cowboy looking for sustenance on the prairie in the form of candy."

Ain't you "Stellar," kid?

Ryan Kattner (Honus Honus), Man Man
Ryan Kattner isn't sure how old he is here — or where he procured this terrifying bunny outfit, really — but he does recall that he wore this outfit in a short mockumentary "about someone obsessed with wearing that costume — pre-furries," he said.

The film — perhaps titled "Out of the Burrows" — scored Kattner an award from the Dominique Dunne Film Competition in high school. "Big deal at my art school program in Alabama. Unless you're trying to get into Tisch," he said. "It's why I ended up in Philly going to school there. And then starting Man Man after school. I guess I can blame this f---ing costume for all my misfortunes."

Ah, dude, you were just getting into those "Rabbit Habits."

Alice Wetterlund From 'Girl Code'
Speaking of art school nerds, check out this painterly costume from the cast of MTV's "Girl Code."

Shalyah Evans From 'Girl Code'
Wetterlund's castmate, Shalyah Evans, chose to get a little more glam on her seventh Halloween: "I decided to be a movie star because DUHHHHH (the hair accessories that came with the dress were too itchy, so I wore my own)," she told News.

BYOB (bring your own baubles) — always solid advice.

We're not sure what Bey is dressed up as here, but we're pretty sure she had 'em bowing down even then.

Fifth Harmony
If you think Fifth Harmony has to-die-for style now, just check out what they wore on the Day Of The Dead many full moons ago. Here's Camila, Ally, Normani, and Lauren in full regalia — we're guessing Dinah was a ghost, because she's invisible in these pics.

Crystal from "Scrubbing In"
Here's MTV reality star Crystal Burrell mugging with her cousin as Raggedy Ann and Andy.

"I was 3-years-old in this picture," she told News. "My mom and aunt chose these costumes because there was a parade and prizes for best costumes ... We won!"

Saving lives, winning costume contests — is there anything she can't do?