If you're ever scrolling through the list of MTV Movie Awards categories and thought something was missing, you're not alone. And, ginger-haired singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran has figured out what that is. The show is missing a category for Best Redhead. Obviously.

"I've been looking over the categories, and I think they are missing one very important category" he noted to MTV News about adding Best Red Head to the show, before going into some colorful details, no pun intended.

The "A Team singer" even had some additional insight into who he'd like to see get nominated: Emma Stone in "Gangster Squad," Jessica Chastain in "Zero Dark Thirty," the tiger from "Life Of Pi" ("Don't know if that's a person, but, yeah.") and Zach Galifianakis in "The Campaign," whom he described as having a "twinge of the ginge."

"It's more of a Moroccan sunset in the beard," he argued. "I think he's more of a brown-haired dude." Noticeably absent from his list of contenders is Rupert Grint, who stars in his "Lego House" video. We hope there are no hard feelings there.

Sheeran also didn't nominate himself, but his fans can vote for him in MTV's Musical March Madness. He's up against Thirty Seconds To Mars in the final round of the very heated 2013 MMM. Voting in our championship game is now underway, and polls will close Friday at noon ET.

While no one, including Sheeran, will go home with a Golden Popcorn for Best Redhead at this year's show, fans can still tune into the Rebel Wilson-hosted event when it goes live on April 14 from Culver City. There's plenty of other fun categories (see Best Shirtless Performance for instance) to celebrate.

The 2013 MTV Movie Awards are a wrap! Stick with us for red-carpet photos, our Movie Awards winners list and more exclusive movie premieres.