Mac Miller strikes us as a pretty confident guy, but when it comes to his new reality series "Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family," the Pittsburgh spitter wasn't so sure of the outcome. We couldn't imagine why, with a cast that includes his personable homeys Q, Jimmy and Big Dave, plus a special appearance by a certain Black Hippy group member. How could he go wrong?

"In episode three or four, Schoolboy Q makes the most legendary guest appearance of all time. It's really something," Mac teased on Wednesday's "RapFix Live" about his series, which premiered on MTV2 on Tuesday night. "You're gonna be like, 'I really hate Mac Miller for this,' and it's gonna be awesome."

Miller was skeptical about becoming a reality show star, after all he does have a rap rep to maintain. So what made Mac change his mind? "All that money baby," he joked on air. "I realized that it's just kinda cool to give to my fans and give them a little something more."

Now that the series has finally arrived and Mac got a chance to watch it on television, he is fully on board. "We watched it and I was still kinda in the mindset that it was gonna suck, but it was actually tight. I was happy with it, it was actually kinda funny," he said. "For the past few months of filming it's just been me being an idiot every day. I didn't know if that would make a good TV show."

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