With ample backing from 1-800-Flowers and the well-funded greeting-card industry, Valentine's Day has been tormenting unattached girls for decades. So with just a few hours before the candy-coated holiday kicks off, we turned to someone we thought could empathize with the plight of "Single Ladies" everywhere, and asked her for advice on how to endure February 14 ... without a trip to the therapist.

Although husband Jay-Z put an 18-carat ring on it in 2008, Beyoncé's catalog — packed with riding-solo anthems from "Irreplaceable" to "Me, Myself and I" — has been a balm for the boyfriend-less. In fact, the Bey Hive code would seem dictate that a real diva would never spend the day throwing a pity party. And Mrs. Carter reaffirmed that when we caught up with her on Tuesday night for a screening of her HBO documentary, "Beyoncé: Life Is but a Dream."

"You know, for single ladies on Valentine's Day, I've learned that you can go enjoy your life and have you a great old time by yourself and with your girls," said a sequined-gown-clad Bey, after taking a thoughtful pause.

It must be mentioned that as she spoke to MTV News under cover of a white tent, Beyoncé's back-grazing blond locks blew around her face, apparently with the help of an invisible wind-machine. We highly recommend tracking down one of these at your nearest Best Buy (or wherever multiplatinum pop divas get their appliances) before embarking on your V-Day adventure.

Most important, though, the 31-year-old Houston native told us, slipping into her Southern drawl with a big laugh, "Go and have you a wonderful time — you may meet your man that night!"

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