You think you know their story — but this is just the beginning.

The first official teaser trailer for filmmaker Morgan Spurlock's documentary about the global pop sensation One Direction has hit the web. Titled "1D3D," the film looks to spotlight all of the highs and lows that come paired with the band's overnight rise to fame — and yes, there are some lows, even for a member of One Direction.

In the trailer, fans are invited to "see the world through [One Direction's] eyes," and that affords a healthy look at what life is like both on and off the stage for the U.K. singers. "I don't know if you can have more of a dramatic life change," says Louis Tomlinson at one early point in the trailer. "It's huge, man! Just look at where we are!"

But One Direction's instant success isn't without its drawbacks, either. Niall Horan admits that "the hardest thing about the traveling is missing home and missing family." Later, we see Zayn Malik on an emotional phone call with his mother: "Are you crying, mum? Then get off the phone before I start crying!"

"No matter how big and famous you become," Harry Styles' mother says to her son at one point in the trailer, "You'll always be my baby."

Just as the trailer teeters on the verge of becoming sappy, the tone pivots to highlight the upside of the band's life on the road: meeting new friends, seeing new sights, exploring new cities, and blowing the lid off of each and every venue they set foot in.

"As a group, we're stronger than if we were five people by themselves," Malik says of the group's dynamic. Horan agrees: "We've become literally like brothers now."

"I always wanted a little brother," says Liam Payne. "Now I've got four of them."

The One Direction documentary, "1D3D," hits theaters on August 30, 2013.

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