MTV is looking for a dynamic group of friends with loud, outgoing personalities who are part of a strong, religious community. Are you a hardcore believer in your religion while some of your friends constantly struggle with their faith? Whether you are Christian, Muslim, Mormon, Protestant, Jewish, a Scientologist or any other religion; we want to know what's going on in you and your friends' lives - the good, the bad, and the dramatic!

Do people in your small, religious town judge you because of what you wear, how you act, who you date?
Are you the ultimate rebel, who was brought up "good" and taught not to drink, party, or hook up but are doing all of it anyway?
Are you at odds with your parents because they are uber-religious and are pressuring you to follow their beliefs, but you don't want any part of that world anymore?
Are your friends deeply religious but you are at a crossroads and struggling with your faith?

If this sounds like you and your friends' lives, we want to hear your story!

If you appear to be between the ages of 16-24, please email us ASAP at: Make sure to include your name, location, contact information, photo and a brief paragraph about you, your friends and your religious community.