Rebel Wilson's silence may be her suffering, but it's the source of tremendous amusement for just about everybody else.

The "Pitch Perfect" and "Bridesmaids" comedian has been announced as the star of the next round of the MTV Movie Awards, airing live on April 14, 2013, from the Sony Pictures Studio Lot in Culver City, California, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on MTV. But even though we now know who the star of the show is, we still have questions — burning questions.

(Not burning enough that we'd take a whip to Rebel to get the answers, mind you. Maybe a feather or a pillow or something similarly soft, but not a whip. That's just mean!)

Read on for our burning questions about what Rebel has planned for next year's Movie Awards!

Why Rebel?: Well, this is a bad question to start with. Have you seen "Pitch Perfect"? If you have, then the case is closed. If you haven't, Wilson plays Fat Amy, a competitive singer who calls things like she sees them — and more often than not, she sees things hilariously. There's a reason Fat Amy was one of our top 20 favorite movie characters of 2012. And if Rebel brings even an ounce of that energy to her starring role at the MTV Movie Awards next year, then it's very likely she'll be on our list two years in a row.

What Isn't She Telling Us?: Clearly, something's up. You don't just tie a person up and whip them mercilessly unless you know for a fact that he or she is hiding crucial information from you, right? ("Zero Dark Thirty" watchdogs, your mileage may vary on this point.) What is it that Rebel knows about the upcoming MTV Movie Awards that requires such a brutal beat-down? When will we start getting some answers?

Starring Who Else?: Rebel is specifically identified as the star of the MTV Movie Awards in April 2013. But surely she's not the only famous face along for the ride, right? Her "Bridesmaids" co-star Matt Lucas is the one behind the interrogation ... but who does he answer to? Will we see him reporting to other "Bridesmaids" actors, like Jon Hamm or Kristen Wiig, before all of this is over? Your guess is as good as ours!

When Will We See More?: And just as importantly, where does the story go next? It would be far too cruel to leave Rebel's fate in such an uncertain place with more than four months remaining between now and Movie Awards day. Consider that at the top of our holiday wish list, then: more looks at what poor Rebel is up to on her way to the MTV Movie Awards!

Bonus Question: How Badly Do You Want a Candy Bar?: Not as badly as Rebel.

Who had the year's hottest kiss? The most badass fight? Which Hollywood star will own the Golden Popcorn this year? Find out at the MTV Movie Awards, starring Rebel Wilson, live on April 14, 2013!