Warning: spoilers for the latest "Walking Dead" lie ahead.

If it's war the Governor wants, it's war he'll get.

The latest episode of "The Walking Dead" brought war directly to Woodbury, as Rick Grimes and a handful of his fellow survivors — right-hand man Daryl, ex-con Oscar, and sword-slinging newbie Michonne — left the hour standing outside the community's walls, looking for a way to break in and save the captured Glenn and Maggie. The Governor, meanwhile, plans to take a team to Rick's prison, completely unaware that the facility's most dangerous inmates are right outside his front door.

"Walking Dead" has been building towards a climactic battle between Rick and the Governor all season long. On next Sunday's midseason finale, titled "Made to Suffer," that battle is finally here — and according to actor David Morrissey, the ensuing showdown won't be pretty.

"They're two leaders of different communities, and they have to make a decision about how to exist in this world together," the actor, who plays Woodbury's ruthless leader, told MTV News weeks ahead of the inevitable Rick/Governor showdown. "They're quite close, these communities. And when you've got noisy neighbors, you've got to sort it out — and there's a sense of that, how one decides in this world to deal with your noisy neighbor."

We shudder to think about how the Governor will deal with his new "noisy neighbors," considering his strip-or-die interrogation tactics used against Maggie this week. Thankfully, we don't have to worry about how Morrissey deals with his co-stars; in fact, it's Morrissey we should be worried about, to hear the actor tell it.

"Andy Lincoln has got a massive crush on me," he told us. "God, he stalks me. I have to avoid him all the time!"

And to his credit, when asked about his "massive crush" on his fellow British actor, Lincoln was the first to own up to it.

"We've played loads of golf," he laughed. "It's very nice to have a Brit on set."

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