Are you fed up with your roommate's ways?

Does your blood pressure rise every time you hear your roommate come home? Do their strange & disgusting habits have you climbing the walls? Do they collect pizza boxes, eat your food while they "sleep walk", or have such an obsessive fascination with superheroes that you are wondering if you are living with a preschooler? If your roommate has quirky and unique habits that drive you insane we want to hear from you!

Everybody has had roommate problems and now MTV is ready to explore the fascinating world of living together. If you have finally had it with your roommate, let us know!! If you appear between the ages of 18-25, please send an email with your name, location, contact info and picture (of yourself AND your roommate) to Please include a short paragraph telling us exactly why you are aggravated with your roommate and why they need to change their ways or move out (be specific)!