Game is one hell of a rapper, but if his fiancée Tiffany Cambridge had her way, the Compton MC would hold another occupation entirely.

"She would rather me be a fireman, even if I had to go sleep at the firehouse three nights a week. She's rather me be a policeman, even if it means I might die every night I go out to work," Game told MTV News of his lady, his co-star in VH1's upcoming reality series "Marrying the Game.""She'd rather me be a trash man, even if it meant picking up sh-- and shoveling dirt all day, than a rapper."

MTV News was on hand in October 2011 when the platinum rap star proposed to the school teacher at Frank D. Parent Elementary School in Inglewood, California, and he'll surely dish on their relationship when he appears on "RapFix Live"on Wednesday.

The way Game figures it, reality television won't be much of a stretch, because he's been spilling his personal business into his music ever since his 2005 debut, The Documentary. When "Marrying the Game" premieres November 19, Game promises that fans will get a unique glimpse into his personal life in what he calls a battle between a rap artist and a really good woman.

"She's trying to find her balance between the love she has for me and hip-hop taking that away from her on a day-to-day basis," he explained. "Women are some freaky creatures, and it's gonna be fun to see what everybody feels about how this whole reality-show thing plays out."