Warning: massive "Walking Dead" spoilers lie ahead!

Blood, guts and gore are familiar company for fans of "The Walking Dead," but the drama's latest episode, "Killer Within," somehow managed to ramp up the "ow" factor with the death of at least two main characters: Lori Grimes and Theodore "T-Dog" Douglas.

Rick Grimes and his fellow self-imprisoned survivors are now down by two, possibly even three survivors, if you believe that Carol died during the "Killer" rampage as well. With post-apocalypse heartbreak at an all-time high, what chance do our heroes have of living to see another day? How can they move forward after such devastating loss?

Read on for our questions about the "Killer Within" aftermath.

How Will Team Grimes Recover?
Losing Lori is a tremendous blow to the group, particularly given the circumstances of her death. Rick never got a chance to make things right with his wife. Can he ever forgive himself? Maggie was the one wielding the knife. Can Rick forgive her? And poor Carl, he was the one who pulled the trigger on his own mom. How can he live with such a burden? That's not even addressing the loss of T-Dog, a quiet but reliable member of the group. Needless to say, morale is lower than ever for these miserable survivors.

Who Will Raise The Baby?
With Lori gone, the question of who will look after Rick's newborn child looms heavily over the group. Rick himself is so busy governing his people that he won't have a lot of time to make goo-goo noises with his new child. Carl is just a kid and is in no position to raise an infant. Maggie is likely too traumatized to have much to do with the baby, though perhaps Glenn will help bring her the strength she needs to rise to the occasion. Someone needs to step up and care for Baby Grimes in this desperate time of need. The question is... who?

Is Carol Dead?
That seemed to be the consensus among Rick and Daryl. Correct me if I'm wrong, though, but we didn't see Carol go down, did we? We saw her head covering on the ground, but that's it. Is she still lurking somewhere in the prison? And if so, will she be the one to take care of Baby Grimes? She's the most capable mother of the group and certainly could use something to live for after everything that happened with Sophia. Our fingers are crossed that we'll see Carol again, preferably not zombified.

What About The Inmates?
T-Dog was the only one willing to step up in favor of the two remaining prisoners, but now that he's dead, who will vouch for these guys? Oscar proved his loyalty to Rick by killing Andrew, but Rick is very understandably going to be in mourning for the foreseeable future. Daryl witnessed Oscar stepping up, so will he endorse the inmates? One thing is for sure: with two, possibly even three people down and a newborn baby in their midst, these Grimes gang could use all the capable hands they can get.

Will Merle Disobey The Governor?
Speaking of capable hands, let's leave the prison behind and look over at one-handed Merle Dixon in Woodbury. What's going to happen with his quest to find Daryl? The Governor doesn't want Merle to leave Woodbury, but not unlike John Locke, Merle is very much of the "don't tell me what I can't do" variety. Michonne is ready to get the heck out of dodge and Andrea is clearly still somewhat interested in what happened to the rest of her group. Will Merle convince these women to join him on the hunt for Daryl Dixon — and if they do reunite, will there be a happy ending for anyone involved?

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