Time to update the Mystic Falls population sign ... again.

The CW's "Vampire Diaries" returned Thursday (October 11) for its fourth season, and, unsurprisingly, the body count was high in the Virginia hamlet as Elena officially became undead, while a man of God torched a cabin-full of council members, ominously promising it was only the beginning.

At least one soul (if you can call him that) reclaimed his person: Klaus is no longer using and abusing Tyler's body thanks to Bonnie's black magic — but at what cost to the witch?

How will our friendly (and not so friendly) bloodsuckers, werewolves, witches and hybrids adapt to all the changes in their town? That's just one of the lingering questions remaining after last night's premiere.

How will Elena fare as a vampire?
Dead or undead? Those were the two very undesirable options facing Miss Gilbert as the premiere began, and though for a time it looked like there might be a third avenue — via Bennett spellbinding — it wasn't to be. Elena ultimately sucked down some platelets, solidifying the change. "I wish I could tell you that you'll never feel pain, that you'll never crave blood, but you will," Stefan told her. "It will be the worst thing you'll ever live through." Just how much will Elena crave blood, and what lengths will she go to get it?

Will Elena remain a vampire?
Star Paul Wesley recently told TheInsider.com that much of season four could revolve around reclaiming Elena's humanity. "I think, and I don't know if I'm allowed to say this, but I think a lot of it is going to be about trying to figure out a way to reverse that," he said. "I'm not sure if Elena's going to be a vampire for six seasons, seven seasons. I don't know, maybe she will." Without the help of Bonnie's sorcery, reverting Elena back to her human form will be no mean feat.

What hath the council wrought?
As Pastor Young ignited himself and the town council (sans Mayor Lockwood and Sheriff Forbes) he promised: "Friends we are the beginning." That certainly can't be the end, can it? However the council remanifests itself in Mystic Falls, we have a feeling Elena, Stefan and Damon will have a new set of dead foes to fight. (Co-executive producer Julie Plec hinted at as much, too.)

Will Bonnie's black magic be her undoing?
Bonnie had been warned by her gran that dabbling in the dark arts would have grave consequences, but that didn't stop her from using it to free Klaus from Tyler's body. And it was gran who suffered, as her spirit shriveled and disappeared. "What did I do?" Bonnie cried. We want to know the same thing.

Are the Originals really no longer a family?
When Rebekah lashed out at Klaus by dumping the remaining doppelganger blood — in effect, halting any further creation of hybrids — brother dearest disowned her in his typically dramatic fashion. "From this moment on, you are not my family," he spit. "You are not my sister. You are nothing." Where will the rest of the siblings' allegiances lie? Talk about a family circus!

What questions do you still have after Thursday's "Vampire Diaries" premiere? Tell us in the comments.