Are you looking to become the next Tina Fey or Andy Samberg? Are you fearless and ready to perform, without the safety net a script provides? Want to prove to yourself, friends and family, that you have what it takes to launch your professional career and possibly make it big, as an improv/sketch comedy actor?

MTV is looking for people who appear to be between the ages of 18 and 26 and want to be "MADE" into improvisation/sketch comedians. Must be a New York City local and available for production during next 5-6 weeks. If this sounds like you, grab a camera and answer the questions below.

1. Please say your name, slowly and clearly.
2. What is your phone number?
3. Why do you want to become an improv/sketch comedian?
4. Do you work or go to school? If so, tell us where and what you do there.
5. Why do you need MTV's help? Why can't you do this on your own?
6. Do you live at home? Tell us about your friends/family.
7. How would this change your life? Why is this important to you?
8. Why do you need to do this now?
9. Last, stand back from the camera to get a full body shot of yourself. Smile!

Next, rename your video file with your FIRST NAME_LAST NAME_GOAL (Example: Acceptable file types include .mov, .wmv, .avi or .3gp. Then upload your video for free at: The upload password is: MADE.

Finally, email us at: Put "Improv" in the subject and make sure to list your contact information (name, email, phone, location) in the body of the email.