Are you and at least one or two friends looking to meet new people? Would you like to go away on an amazing group dating adventure where you're paired with another set of single friends?

MTV is looking for groups of single men and women who want to meet fun new people in a beautiful setting.

Note: You must be 21 years or older and live in the Los Angeles area.

Maybe you have a friend that needs to get over a bad relationship. Or perhaps you think you'll be a better date with your besties around. Whether you're looking for love or just want to hook up with some hotties, we want to hear your story! Grab a camera and answer the questions below. Or if you can get together with your friends answer as a group!

1) Please say your name slowly and clearly.
2) What is your phone number?
3) Tell us about your dating history? Any long term relationships or mostly hookups?
4) Tell us about your best or worst date.
5) Do you have a type? If so, describe your perfect mate.
6) Where do you typically find dates? From going out? Through friends? Dating websites?
7) What single friend(s) do you want to bring on this adventure with you?
8) Why is it better having them around? How will they help you on a date?
9) How would you describe their dating history... similar or different than yours?
10) Do you work or go to school? If so, tell us about what you do there.
11) What do you do for fun? Tell us about your interests.
12) Last, stand back from the camera to get a full body shot of yourself. Smile!

Next, upload your video for free at The upload password is: mtv

Finally, email us your contact info (name, phone, email, location) to