This is the fastest way to get yourself in front of our casting team!

1. If under 18, please first get permission from your parents/guardian. Then grab a camera and answer the questions below.
a) Please say your name slowly and clearly. Please also spell out your name.
b) What is your age and birth date?
c) What is a phone number you can be reached at?
d) If applicable, what is the name of your high school or college? What grade are you in?
e) What is your MADE goal?
f) Why do you want to accomplish this?
g) If there are tryouts for this goal, when are they?
h) Why do you need MTV's help? Why can't you do this on your own?
i) What activities are you involved in (teams/clubs/hobbies/interests)?
j) How do other people at your school view you?
k) Who do you live with at home? Tell us about your family.
l) How would achieving this goal change your life? Why is this important to you?
m) Last, stand back from the camera to get a full body shot of yourself. Smile!

2. Next, rename your video file with your FIRST NAME_LAST NAME_GOAL (Example: Acceptable file types include .mov .wmv .avi or .3gp. Then upload your video for free at The upload password is: MADE.

3. Finally, email us at with your personal information. Put your FIRST NAME_LAST NAME_GOAL again in the subject of the email. We will look over your stuff and if we think you have what it takes, we'll give you a call. Good Luck!

Personal Information to include in email:
Full Name:
Age & Date of Birth:
Phone Number:
City & State:
High School or College:
MADE Goal:

SNAIL MAIL: Can't upload your video? No problem! Mail us all your contact information and your DVD/tape to:
MADE Casting
MTV Networks
345 Hudson, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10014