NEW YORK — On Wednesday night, Dru Hill returned to familiar terrain: the Apollo Theater in Harlem. The group won Amateur Night back in the mid-'90s, but this time the group came back as seasoned professionals.

Founders Sisqo, Nokio, Jazz and newcomer Antwuan "Tao" Simpson began with a medley of the group's greatest hits such as "Tell Me" and the remix of "Sleeping in My Bed," with Sisqo doing the moonwalk across the stage. Dru's set ended with a new song from their first album in eight years, InDRUpendence Day, due in May.

"I like a record that we had all done called 'Back to the Future,' " Sisqo told MTV News. "Basically, it's a classic format of Dru Hill, where Jazz would sing a verse and the group is doing the harmony. Then I sing a verse. But I think it really showcases Tao being in the group too. Jazz does his verse, I do my verse, Tao does his verse, then the group comes together.

" 'Back to the Future,' you get the opportunity to see all the different layers and see how Dru Hill has evolved into the group we are today," he continued. "Plus, I like the concept. Even some of the young kids listening to music ... may be listening to their parents who are saying music ain't what it used to be — nobody sings no more. 'Back to the Future' kind of metaphorically touches on that too. That's one of my favorites."

"I remember we used to ask each other, 'How many kids are we gon' have?' " Jazz sings. "I rememeber we used to make plans like, 'I cook the food, you cut the grass.' "

"Can we take it back to the way we were," the group joins in on the chorus. "Back to every single time you saw him, you saw her/ Even though we try to stay away/ My heart is still in yesterday/ Let's go back to you and me/ Like we s'pose to be/ Back to the future."

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