For her role as social worker Miss Weiss in the Academy Award-nominated film "Precious," Mariah Carey underwent a drastic make-under, sporting a mustache, mousey tresses and dowdy clothes that left the otherwise-glamorous singer nearly unrecognizable.

But, as any red-carpet-watcher would expect, Carey was nothing short of stunning when MTV News caught up with her and husband Nick Cannon at the Academy Awards, where the two joked about getting dressed for the big night.

"Of course, she tells me what she's going to wear, and I go pull something out of the laundry hamper and iron it and put it on," Cannon joked. "But she's fabulous."

"He doesn't hardly iron a thing," Carey laughed.

"Yeah, I don't know how to iron," Cannon admitted. "I'm surprised this isn't wrinkled now."

Carey's purple gown clearly didn't come out of a dirty-clothes hamper, but instead of trying on a slew of dresses from different designers, Carey streamlined her wardrobe-selection process by working directly with Valentino.

"We worked with them and did a lot of different sketches and stuff. We just thought it would be a nice moment, a leg moment for a different thing," Carey said, good-naturedly referencing her frequently exposed décolletage.

"What if I had my leg out?" Nick asked.

"You could start a new trend," Carey said.

"What if I had a split from the top of my pants?"

"You do you, man," she said. "That's why I love you."

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