More than a thousand Twilighters — mostly those who needed a lift from their parents — camped out at an Aurora, Illinois, mall on Halloween for a chance to see their vampire heroes in the flesh. On Tuesday, the lucky ones who nabbed wristbands got their chance when stars Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz jetted into town for one of the "New Moon" mall tour stops.

Autographs were signed, photos were taken, screams were heard and wacky questions were asked, including a few marriage proposals.

"Yeah, a couple of those," Lutz admitted in an interview with MTV News during some downtime at the mall's Hot Topic store. "They all had boyfriends, so I'm like, 'How can you ask me that when you're taken?' "

"I got proposed to through someone's wife," Greene laughed. "I was like, 'Wait, what? Really?' She's like, 'Yeah, you can have him!' I was like, 'Oh, OK, great.' But regardless, it was nice to get proposed to."

Both stars have encountered fanatical Twilighters ever since the first movie's premiere last year, but they both agreed that the support continues to amaze them.

"That doesn't ever get old, no matter what anyone says," Greene said. "It's the energy that they bring with it. There's people that have been standing outside for hours, and they still come in crying and jumping with energy, and it's really contagious. There's something wrong with you if you get used to or tired of something like this, because it's always incredible to interact with your fans and to see firsthand how passionate they are about this film."

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